Monday, September 30, 2013

On the radio en Spanish

Cars parked randomly in the middle of the street.  I have seen parallel parking on the sides of a road, but never in the middle!
The black poster in spanish says, "now we cannot stop to save lives"  I think it is for a hospital or some group like red cross or something.   But I like the missionary relation!

Trying to fix the shower.  There was a hole in the shower pipe and so all the water was coming out right under the handle.  We had to KNEEL to shower! In the end we called the dueno (owner) and he got it fixed for us!  We could not unscrew the old shower hose.  But we had fun trying!

Hola familia y todos,

This has been quite an amazing week.  What an amazing week.  We continue to work hard, and are really blessed for our efforts.  We had some amazing lessons and experiences this week.

Maybe the most incredible was the chance to record for the radio.  I hope so much, that James recieves permision to air our little ¨show¨.  James, we contacted a few months ago.  He does not have time to recieve the lessons, but he was more than willing to let us come down to his radio and record an interview.  

He has a show, but he also has a director that has to approve his material.  So we don´t know yet if it will go on air, but we recorded it!  We got to go with two other Hermanas and 2 elders.   It was so fun to record, and I will never forget the moment.  How blessed I feel to have had the chance to testify of the restoration on radio!  

I had the chance to testify of a message of peace and happiness.  I don´t really remember what i said, i was pretty nervous, but I talked about how the exact church that Jesus established is on the earth again.  I think i said something about eternal families too.  After the experience, there was more I wish I had said, or I wish I had said it more clearly, more boldly, but I did my best and I have to put my faith in that my intention will speak louder than my words.  Oh how badly I hope this gets aired!

This week was a little hard.  We managed to teach a significant amount, but everyone we are teaching seems to be struggling.  Nobody comes to church, or that I know of is reading.  I see their potential and am trying to do everything that I can to help them. but i do not know if i am actually doing everything i can.  

Part of the problem is that they won´t answer their phones and so we cannot even meet with them regularly.  I know meeting with them on a regular bases would help them progress!  But what can I do if they won´t answer their phone?  Sometimes we pass by just to see if they are in, and it has worked occasionally, but we are struggling to see our investigators with a regular basis.  But I try my hardest and feel comfort in that.

I am doing really well.  I am starting to feel like I am truly working my hardest and I sure am trying to make the most of my mission!  I have done this my whole mission, but now, with 5 months left, I feel a drive to work harder and do even more.  I like how I am working, but often I feel like I am not doing enough.  Maybe this is because nobody is progressing, but I just really don´t want to go home with regrets, and I feel the urge to do more, but I don´t know how to feel like I am doing enough.  I guess this is something I need to study and pray about!

I am beyond excited for General Conference.  It is my favorite weekend every 6 months.  Me and my mom always get post Conference depression when conference ends.  It has always been something very special to me!  Lately I have been going with a question or 2 and this makes it all the more meaningful.  This week I will be studying and doing some soul searching to find out what question(s) I want to bring to General Conference.

I LOVE my mission, and look forward to another week to love and testify of my Savior and what he has done for us!

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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