Tuesday, September 3, 2013

All good things to those who wait


 1 year.
 Hna. O'Keeffe and me.
 End of Alma party.

Familia y amigos,

BIG NEWS:  Justino got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!  He decided earlier in the week and was baptized on Thursday August 29th!  It was a very special day.  Seeing him dressed in white and enter the waters of baptism, was the closest I have come to feeling the same joy I felt when the Monzons were baptized.  I may or may not have cried a little.  And to see how happy Justino was!  He really feels a difference in his life.  He missed church on Sunday which means he still has not received the Holy Ghost but we have a lesson with him tonight.

Which leads me to my other news, I am staying in Barrio 8 (never in all of my mission have I been in an area this long!  I am SO excited!) with Hna. O´keeffe.  I am also very excited to be with her another transfer!  She is my hija after all!  

Hna. Manner got transfered to Barrio 4 in northern madrid and Hna. Seastrand is staying in Barrio 8 and training.  They actually cut our area in half and she will be working in the other half.  Which means they cleaned out their area.  So me and Hna. O´keeffe will be teaching all of the investigators we found this transfer and all the ones the other Hnas found.  So we will be VERY busy.  

I guess this is a blessing from God for working this transfer and not really seeing much from it.  This whole transfer we have taught lessons, but we do not have one single investigator progressing and we haven´t this whole transfer.  But that will change with the new investigators we have received and with the plans we have to work really hard!  And involve the ward!

I do feel bad for the other Hermanas because they worked hard this transfer and then they had to give everything up to us. It is not fair, and I don´t like it to be this way.

Also, I am no longer a Hna. Leader trainer.  So this will be a more calm transfer.

This week was pretty good. We taught like 4 lessons, but we worked hard and enjoyed the week.  We did find one guy that was super cool.  

We went to visit a referal we had but we didn´t find him home so we started talking to this guy washing his car.  He is from Paraguay and has had an amazingly hard life.  He lost his dad at a young age and his house burnt down, and almost killed him. Most of the skin on his body is damaged, but he survived the fire.  

He has soooo much faith in God and a lot of what he told us he believed to be true, coincided with what we KNOW to be true!  I am soooo excited to teach him (and his family--he has 4 kids!!!) and give him more understanding to the life he has had to live.  But the best part is, he works for the radio and he was talking to us about how we shouldn´t share the message with just him, but with everyone!  

He wants us to go on the radio for 10 or 15 minutes and share our message.  He told us to talk to our pastor and get like 5 or 6 of us to come talk on the radio.  We talked to the ayudantes (assistants to the president) and they talked to President.  President wants us to call him today and we are going to talk about it.  I would LOVE the chance to talk on the radio (yeah, that is how confident I am in my Spanish....who am I???).  

Nothing is finaly yet, and i don´t know what President will say, so I am trying not to get my hopes up yet, but how cool would that be???

We got to go to the temple!  It was a treat as always!  I LOVE the temple!  The spirit is soo strong.  This church is soooo true!  I know it is, and I am trying to let everyone else know it as well!  I incourage you all to share the gospel with those who are searching for more!  Everybody needs this message!

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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