Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 5!

Hola Todos, [Hey Everybody]

Como estan?  [How are you doing?] It has been another great week at the MTC!  Thank you to everyone that wrote me this week: Mom, Sydney, Kate, Allie (special thanks for the package!  I LOVED it all!), Aunt Linda, Aunt Jennifer, Dad, Keith, & Jeff!  Special thanks also to Mom and Grandma for the skirt. I love it, it was exactly the one I wanted and it fits great! 

This week has been a bit crazy!  We have had some teacher mix-ups and we have not been able to teach our investigators when we were supposed to.  In fact we only taught once this week.  Mostly, that is because our teacher Hno. Thompson has been sick and he doesn't want us to get to close to him.  Our investigator Lesme, is now our second teacher.  Her real name is Hmna. Camacho.  SHe is from Puerto Rico and she does not use her S's when she speaks spanish.  She also speaks really fast!  BUt I am learning to understand her.  So she is also pretending to be our new investigator Maria.  IT is kind of confusing and difficult to have her pretend to be 2 different investigators and she is our teacher, but it works out. 

So we taught Maria yesterday, and it went pretty well.  We sang a hymn “Families Can be Together Forever” because she knew a little about that and likes the idea.  She has 2 young kids.  We were going to teach her the importance of prayer and how to pray, and then have her pray about eternal families, but Hmna. Minert started teaching her about our purpose and the Doctrine of Christ.  So we taught her about faith, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost.  It still went pretty well, but i was a bit off, because I didn't expect to teach her that.  At the end I asked her if she came to know that these things were true, would she be baptized.  She said yes.  It wasn't a strong yes, but it was definitely a yes!  We also commited her to pray and begin reading the Book of Mormon.

So our district has changed again.  We now have 13.  The Elders that were added a few weeks ago got put in a different district and then we got 6 elders from another district in our zone.  We now have 13 in our tiny classroom.  It is a tight squeeze but we make do.  It is a little hard because one of the elders in our new district is a bit rowdy, and sometimes a flirt.  It is really distracting but I am good at focusing on my work.  Others, are not.. but I think they are trying.

Things are continuing to go well with my companionship.  There are very few moments of tension and I really like working in a trio.

This week, Hno. Tonson (it is Thompson but he always pronounces it Ton-son)  shared with us his conversion story.  He is our teacher and so we spend a lot of time with him everyday. It was so cool to hear how the gospel changed his life (he used to have piercings and he fought a lot).  Now he is so amazing!  HIs love for the atonement, the gospel, and anything missionary related is so strong. 

We got to have interviews with him this week and he told me that he could see the great progress i have made and that he could see the great potential I still have.  He told me that he finds out a little bit of information about the missionaries he will be teaching about 3 weeks before they enter, and then he starts praying for them.  HE also prays for the gift of discernment and I think he has it.  I can't believe he was praying for me 3 weeks before I even met him.  I really feel his love for me and the work of the Lord whenever he teaches us.

On sunday, we taught our district about repentance.  I wanted to use a visual so of something that could represent sin covering our true potential.  As i was thinking about this and what I could use, I remembered the Hershey Kisses that Kate and Allie sent me.  I used the wrapper as the sin that keeps us from being pure like the Chocolate.  Who knew your package was so inspired that it helped me have an object lesson.  Kate, and Allie, I do not know why you decided to send me Hershey Kisses, but I think it was inspired!

I FINALLY saw Elder Johnson on Sunday at the temple, and now I see him all the time.  HE seems really well, and I love talking to him.  Also on Sunday, our District Leader Elder Howe gave Hmna. Minert a blessing.  It was his second time giving a blessing.  What a spiritual experience.  To see a young man of 19, exercising his priesthood authority.  He was scared to do it, but the spirit guided him and he gave a BEAUTIFUL blessing! 

Sunday we had a fireside with Bro Allen from the MTC.  After we got to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar on Christmas of last year at the MTC.  He talked about the character of Christ and continually thinking of others not yourself.  It was the best talk I have heard in a while. This is because Elder Bednar did an IMPRESSION OF COOKIE MONSTER!  He was talking about how we shouldn’t be thinking of ourselves.  It is the Lord’s will. He said in the perfect voice of Cookie monster, “I want cookie now.”  THen he said in cookie monster voice, "I want Baptism now" it was hilarious. 

I found out this week that every sunday they show a movie like legacy or something and then they show talks.  I thought they were just General Conference talks, but they are actually talks given at the MTC that ONLY THE MTC has the copy right to!  So awesome!

On monday we got up at 6:30 and the FIRE ALARM went off at 6:40!  We ran outside and some girls were all ready, and others were in their towels!  We were stuck outside for 10-15 minutes.  Something had happened with a microwave on the floor above ours. We could smell tons of smoke, but i don't think there was any flame.

So I really like Having Hmna. Camacho as our teacher.  SHe hugs us at the end of class and it is so nice to have hugs on a regular basis!

Other big news.  We have a new sister in our room!  She is a solo sister, spanish speaking.  She is super nice.  She is 23 and going to Texas.  So far I like her and things are good there.

I have started trying to write in my journal in spanish.  It is going pretty well. I am constantly amazed at how much I can say in spanish when I try!

Tuesday we vacuumed and got done so early we were told to go clean the vacuums and empty the dust out.  They were super dirty but I stuck my hand in and got huge wads of hair and dust out.  it reminded me of being a custodian at heritage!

Our alarm did not go off this morning.  i set it but forgot to turn it on!  We woke up 10 minutes late and got ready real fast so as to make it to the Temple on time!

I was welcoming some new missionaries at dinner on Wed.  and I asked them where they were going.  THey responded that they were done eating and looking for the tray return.  I told them where it was and laughed to myself because I meant where were they going on their missions!

Our district has a lot of fun translating English Idioms into Spanish.  Our teachers sure get a kick out of it.  I think my favorite is “like a boss.”  "Como un jefe"  We also use Spanglish which can be great fun!

THis week has been really good, but I have felt a little down at times.  I am working hard this week to tell myself that I do not have to be perfect.  I also have been praying hard to know what the Lord expects of me and to feel his love.  It really has been a great week.  I have felt pretty good about the things i am doing.

I know the Lord answers prayers.  I have had 2 at least answered this week.  I had been praying to see Elder Johnson and it happened.  I also prayed for my teacher Hno Tonson to be able to be well enough to make it to class after we found out he was sick.  Sure enough, he came right back to class and we did not have too many subs!  I know with all my corazon [heart] that prayers are answered.  If you don't, pray with real intent.  He will answer your prayer, of anything!

I love you all.

Kaitlyn, and Cosette, I don’t know if you still get these emails.  But i have been thinking about you, and wanted you to know that.  Love you both!

Aunt Lori, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  You are in my prayers!

No info on visa.

Con Amor,
Hmna Olsen

Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 3.5

Hola todos,

It has been a very good week at the MTC.  Thank you to Sydney, Mom, Keith, Regan, Amanda, Dad, and Corinne for the letters.  Please keep them coming.  THis is my only way of hearing from you!

This has been a week with ups and downs but overall positive.  Much better than last week.  I am no longer sick.  I cough occasionaly but no worries.  I have had such a spiritual week and I have learned so much.  I hope you all have had good weeks too!

So this week we had our first experience with the TRC (teaching resource center).  The TRC is a place where we get to go and practice teaching but we teach members.  People in Provo come in to volunteer and they play themselves.  It is a real life scenario no body is acting.  I love it!  It is fun to teach members who understand a bit more, and share their own insights more than an investigator would.  We taught this sweet older gentleman named Baxter and we were talking about what the Book of Mormon means for us and how we can still find new insights.  We wanted to commit him to find a favorite scripture after we shared ours, but he shared his too.  I knew I wanted to commit him to something so I asked him to invite a friend or family member to find and share a favorite scripture.  HE filled out an evaluation sheet and told me and Hmna greenwood that he felt the spirit and was excited to follow through on our comittment. 

This week I had my first real cry.  I was in my interview with the Head Sister in our Zone or group of missionaries.  Things had not been getting better with one of the sisters, and i was still sick and just stressed about everything.  I had been holding it in for too long and i just started crying.  She was super  nice and really helped me feel better.  Also, things are going a lot better with me and the sister.

Gym has been fun this week.  NOrmally I would just run, but we have started playing four square and ladder golf.  We have also started going outside to the field more.  I love getting fresh air. 

Spanish is going better.  I still speak English, but I feel like Spanish has definitely become the language I speak in the majority of my day!

Hmna Butler left for the Guatamala MTC on Tues. so now I am in a trio with Hmna Minert as well.  I really like her and having a trio is good.

This week my teachers have said such inspiring things, it has always been just what I needed to hear.  One teacher told us that working hard was worth it and that letters from home were great and all, but it was the change in peoples lives that would really make us enjoy our missions.  HE told us that we had to believe things before we could help others belive them.  He said Don't you dare...(commit someone to read the Book of Mormon) unless you are...reading the Book of Mormon.  Etc. 

We also have a teacher that just pops in every now and then to answer questions or whatever.  ONe day, we really needed a question answered and we thought he was the perfect one to answer it.  We decided if we thought about him really hard and how much we needed him to answer our question, he would come.  It was kind of a joke, but 2 minutes later, he was in our classroom.  It was a tender mercy from the Lord. 

Yesterday, there was a computer glich, and our regular teacher was replaced by a sub.  SO we had this teacher that wasn't great, but I was still able to learn from her.  She really taught me the importance of loving my investigators and really being animated when teaching.  Also, she was from SPAIN!  I got to hear her beautiful accent and I COULD UNDERSTAND HER!  I felt pretty happy!  It was a tender mercy, I needed her to teach me that day. 

On sunday, the only breakfast they serve is cereal so we just bought food from the vending machine and I got a muffin and milk.  I took one sip of the milk and it tasted nasty--it had expired three days before! EWWW~

We saw a little mouse this week.  It was just sitting on the path (2 inches long?) So cute.

On sunday, we got to hear from the 1st counselor in the General YW presidency.  And from Mark Jarman--trainer of education at the MTC.  He spoke at institute at the Elms for the Institute kick off, it was great to hear from him again.  On Tuesday we got to hear from an apostle of the Lord, Elder Andersen.  It was Pres. Monson’s birthday, so we sang happy Birthday.  Elder Andersen told us that he had been speaking with the Prophet earlier and Pres Monson wanted all the missionaries to know that Pres monson was thankful for us, and that he sent us his blessings!  It was so cool to know that a prophet was thinking about us!  Sunday night we got to watch the Testaments movie.  i thought of all of my Bird 306 girls!

This week, i do not know which night.  I had a dream that I got to go home!  That was not a fun one to wake up from.  I was mad in the morning because I was thinking about how I wouldn't be able to call home until Christmas.  THen I realized I can call at the airport (still no news on the Visa so I don't know when that will be).

This week I taught my worst and best lesson.  My worst lesson was with Daniel and we were teaching about the first vision.  I didn’t explain it well, and when I tried to recite JSH I totally messed up and eventually got through but with many mistakes.  It was not a good lesson, but he seemed really nice about my horrid spanish.  I think it was a blessing in disguise because I learned that I will make mistakes but that things will be okay. 

With Hmna. Butler gone we teach and do everything in a three-some.  But we have had great success teaching in a three some.  Our lesson with Patricio went really well.  He asked how to know that you got an answer. I felt prompted to tell him the story of when I decided to know the church was true.  I went to my room and prayed about it and pondered.  I had always just taken my parents word for it, but at age 17 I decided I needed to know.  I prayed and felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and I remembered past experiences when I had felt that way.  I couldn't deny that the church was true.  I told Patrico this and I think it helped.

On tuesday we always do service.  Me and Hmna greenwood were vacuuming the floor and couches.  i found money while vaccuuming the couches ($2 about) and they said I could keep it!   Also while doing service, I passed a door with a Sis. Peterson living there.  It made me think of Kate, and Sis. Peterson! 

There is a tree on Campus that smells like Creme soda!  We took pictures smelling the tree.  There is also a world map, and so before Hmna butler left, we took pictures with the 4 of us pointing to our respective missions.

The MTC bookstore, (Which everyone calls the mall) is now selling minature Preach My Gospels.  IT has all the same information but it is about the size of a quad.  SO much lighter and awesome!

Every Wednesday new missionaries come and i love saying "Welcome to the MTC"  When I say that I try to invoke the message that things are going to be hard and overwhelming but totally worth it.  We are not alone in our trials and although a mission is probably the hardest thing I have ever done, it is also the most rewarding thing i have ever done!

My favorite scriptures right now are Nephi's psalm and Alma 7:12.  BUt I like alma 7:12  better in Spanish.  It contains the verb Socorrer which is to succor.  But Correr means to run.  So it really means to run to the aid or support of!  I love it!

I love you all, please write me and have wonderful weeks!  Smile and make a difference in someones day!

Amor eternal,

Hmna. Olsen

Friday, August 17, 2012

LOVE it here! really!

Hello all!

Thank you to everyone who sent letters this week!  Mom, Corinne, Sydney, Dad, Aunt Jennifer, Jeff Sherwood, Lauren Lindner, and Kate!  Also, thanks for the cookies mom.  Kate!  I am SO glad you are home right now.  I hope you had a safe flight and that you continue to have fun at home.  Give my mom and yours a big hug for me!  I hope you have a great vacation and a safe flight back to UT.

So, this has by far been the hardest week yet.  I got sick friday night, and am still suffering from a slight cough.  But I am doing much better.  It has been really hard to work hard and focus when I have been feeling sick.  I was never super sick, but even a minor cold and sinus infection can make you want to give it all up.  I have been so tired and so out of energy this week.  But I am doing much better so nobody needs to worry about me.  This week has still been really spiritual and good.

We have done a lot of studying the Gospel and Spanish.  I am starting to speak more spanish than last week, but still not where I want to be.  It is a constant battle but one that I will be victorious over in the end.  We have learned a lot this week about how to study and plan effectively which has been very helpful.  Now I just wish I knew how to teach! 

I don't think I explained very well what it means to have investigators in the MTC.  They are not real investigators.  They are our teachers pretending to be people they taught on their missions.  So they are kind of real people.  But that is more about the process.  We have 2 new investigators.  Patricio and Daniel.  We have taught each of them once.  Patricio is christian and wants to know why we dedicate so much time to our religion and why we live strict lives.  We didn't find this out until the first lesson, so we taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  We did our best to relate that message back to his question. The best part of the lesson for me was when I recited Joseph Smith History 1:16-17 IN SPANISH!  Yup I memorized it.  You look someone in the eye and say that word for word, they are gonna feel something. 

Our first lesson with Daniel was probably our best first lesson ever.  We got to know him (he is looking for faith and peace!) and I think we really connected with him.  We also started the lesson with a hymn.  Venid a Cristo (follow Christ?)  So, me and my comp sang a DUET!  AND I CANT SING WELL!  But it didn't matter, the spirit was there!  We taught a great lesson about the Book of Mormon and ways to find peace especially through the Book of Mormon.  We committed both of our investigators to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  Hopefully they will.  I invite all of you to do the same, even if you have already!  You can know again or know deeper.  Just felt like I ought to say that.

Sunday was good, we had Relief society and the General Primary President spoke.  We sang I Hope They Call me on a Mission.  This week, I got stuck going to choir once because I couldn't find a companion to stay back with me.  It was okay, but I don't like singing! haha.  Especially when sick.

This week, we had one of the coolest workshops.  At the beginning we wrote something we wanted to improve on.  I said speaking spanish.  THen we learned about a scenario with a girl who was struggling to pray because she kept repenting and making the same mistakes.  We were asked to write a letter to her.  I wrote in my letter about how God doesn't expect us to be perfect and that as long as we continually come unto him he will help us.  I told her that I still make mistakes all the time.  I shared Ether 12:6 about weaknesses becoming strengths.  It was a beautiful letter.  After writing the letter we were told to write at the top our names and address it to ourselves.  THe teacher reminded us about the things we wanted to improve on and asked us to read the letter as it was written for ourselves.  I read it again, and it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear!

We had a devotional on Tuesday and got to hear from Elder Evans of the 70 and his wife.  He shared with us a beautiful painting about a rescue boat (i don't know much more about it but Pres. Monson is talking about it a lot?)  Then he talked about how missionaries are here to rescue people who are searching to come unto Christ.  That is what i am here for.  I am here to invite others to come unto Chirst. 

Also this week we got four elder added to our district.  They were supposed to be here for 3 weeks then go to other MTCs but no visas.  So now we have 12 in our class and the room is a lot more crowded.  Not everyone is very happy, but I am trying to make the new elders feel welcome.  I know one of them too!  He was in one of my spanish classes at BYU. ANother hard thing about the MTC is always feeling pressured for time.  But it is okay :) 

I have seen Elder Bird (going to Spain Madrid) and I met another girl going to Madrid.  I now know 2 Hermanas and one Elder going to Madrid!  My visa has not come yet nor do I know when it will come.  But I love my district here so that is okay.  Every night we read the scriptures in spanish out loud together, talk about spiritual insights from the day, and share a question of the day (mantra, favorite something, etc.). 

I am keeping an eye out for Elder Jordan Johnson, but I have not seen him yet.  But everyone in the MTC is super nice, I bet he is having a great time!

We got to go to the temple again this morning.  Awesome as always.

I had a dream earlier this week that I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and the only toothpaste I had was colgate.  In the dream it tasted SO BAD.  It was a really bad dream.  When I woke up the next morning and went to brush my teeth and found my crest toothpaste, i was SO HAAPPPY!

Our class has a can of lysol vanilla spray that we call navidad because that is what it smells like.

Tender mercy: Cookies from mom.  NO JOKE, I was going to ask you in this email to send me some cookies because i wanted something that reminded me of home.  But they arrived yesterday.  Huge blessing, right when I needed it most.  Also, LAuren Lindner, the letter you shared and everything you said was just what i needed.  Same with the card I got from you, Corinne.

I love you, all.  I really am doing well. LOVE it here!  really! 

Hermana Olsen

Friday, August 10, 2012

The church is true guys!

Hola Friends and Family,

Thanks to Kristen, Sydney, Mom, Jeff Sherwood, Sarah, Keith, Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Jennifer, and Kaylie for the letters.  Also a special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the cupcakes and to Mom for the cupcakes.  DELICIOUS!

Things continue to go well here in the MTC.  I am learning so much and the spirit is so strong. 

SUNDAY: We had a lot of church meetings and meetings with our district (group of missionaries that we spend all our time with).  During Testimony Meeting, because it was fast sunday, I bore my SPANISH!!!!  We were allowed to give our testimonies in English, but I made a promise to God that I would do my best to speak Spanish.  It went well on Sunday.  But most days, I will be honest--I speak way more English than Spanish.  I'm working on it! 

Sunday night we got to watch the Church movie Legacy about the early saints crossing the plains.  Normaly this movie makes me mad at all the people who gave the saints such a hard time.  But on Sunday it just made me think, why would people allow themselves to suffer so much for a church that was not true?  Also when I was fasting I decided to fast for my investigator Lesme.  That was when I made the promise to do all that I could to feel the spirit and be a good missionary.  That was why I bore my testimony in Spanish.  For Lesme. Why would i go out of my comfort zone, (i don't like bareing my testimony in english) and care so much about a fake investigator if the church was not true!  I wouldn't!  The church is true guys! 

During one of our monday meetings we also heard a story about a missionary who knew his mom (who had died when he was 9) was present as he bore his testimony for the first time in the field.  When that story was told, I felt this calm feeling and I KNEW that Grandma Olsen might not be present, but she knows I am on a mission and she is proud of me.

MON: i met a girl going to my mission.

TUES:  We did service cleaning some bedrooms. we had a devotional. Rumor was that elder Bednar was speaking but it wasn't him.

WED: Me & hermana greenwood wanted to buy little cards that have all the English Hymn #'s and the spanish equivalent.  We were going to use our mtc id cards but they only take cash.  Tender mercy:  Someone early that day had paid too much and left the change so we got them for free. 

This week we have been teaching Lesme a lot about prayer and trying to get her to pray.  She never would because she was angry at God for letting her Mom die and she was never able to see her mom before she died.  We talked about the Lord’s plan and his timeline and faith to pray but it wasn't until we shared a personal experience and told her possible answers to her prayer that she prayed. But on WEd. she said a prayer for us and it was AWESOME!  To see someone progress and decide to come unto Christ is an incredible experience.  THe spirit guided me so much because i thought i knew what she needed to hear but it wasn't until i said what the spirit told me to, that she opened up and prayed.

THURS:  Best part of thursday was our last lesson with Lesme.  We committed her to be baptized and she said she definitely was not ready but could see it happening someday.  Good enough for me.  this was only my first investigator!

TODAY:  We woke up at  6!  we had to get up early because we had to be at the temple at 6:30!  We got to do a session and then we got to go to the temple cafeteria!  best food ever, and good prices!  I had a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream (the worker put the whipped cream on in the shape of a smiley face!) sausage and hashbrowns.  best breakfast ever!  Now we have free time until dinner.

FUNNIES:  Our teacher told us a story of a sister missionary who was asked to speak in church but didn't want to because she was nervous and scared to speak in spanish.  So she got up to stand and give her talk.  And she said, Estoy emberasada (I am pregnant) and it is all the bishops fault!  HE was the one who asked her to speak. But the congregation freaked out!  Women were crying wondering why their bishop (like a minister or pastor) would do such a thing!

A fun joke that our class likes "me llave es aqui"  llave means key and the phrase sounds like "me llave is a key"

Last letter, i said you could write for free but did not is a website that allows anyone to write missinaries for free.  All you need is my box #336 and my mission code: SPA-MAD.  i would love to hear from you!!!!!

Hermana Olsen

Sunday, August 5, 2012

1st Letter from Provo MTC

Hola Family and Friends,

Let me start off by saying, I am doing SO well here in the Missionary Training Center (MTC)!  There have been times when I have been super overwhelmed and completely disapointed, but the Lord wants me to be here and I know if I work hard, he will bless me with what I need.  The spirit is very strong here.  And everyone is so nice.  Elders hold the doors for the Hermanas and people are always saying Hola.

A special thanks to those who have written me!  Mom, Corinne, Hmna. Bitter, Aunt Linda, and Kate.  Today is only a half P-day but I will try to respond to as many of you as I can.  My regular P-day's will be on Friday, but we didn't get one yesterday for whatever reason.

So much to say, I don't even know where to start!  My companion's name is Hermana Greenwood.  She was born in Kentucky, lived in MI for 11 years, and has since lived in Japan.  She is super awesome so far, and I think we will only become better friends.  She is going to serve in the Spain Malaga mission.  We have had a lot of workshops and orientations about being in the MTC.  We have had a lot of meetings getting to know our district, zone, and Branch Presidency.  We have also had a lot of study time, and Spanish Class instruction.  My teacher is pretty awesome.  He grew up in Hawaii learning some pidgin language that is not English.  He learned Spanish on his mission.  So he doesn't speak English very well.  But we make do.  He does understand it, so that is good.  I forgot to tell you about the other Hermanas in my district.  Hermana Butler is going to serve in Panama, and Hermana Minert Anahiem California.  I feel like now would be an appropriate time to mention my atrocious spelling.  Being an English Major is going to be really hard when I get back!  Oh well.

So a brief summary of what I have done this week!

Wednesday:  I entered the MTC!  It was great!  We took pictures by the Provo Temple before entering and while taking pictures a group of sister missionaries came running over to us.  I remember thinking, wow, everyone is super friendly here.  Which is true, but this group of hermanas, just happened to be Dayna and her friends.  So I got to see Dayna before I even entered!  Now I see her two or three times a day!  She has class in the building I live in and I have class in the building she lives in.  We also see each other at meals a lot.  Once in the MTC I had two Elders take my suitcases and introduce me to my host sister missionary. She got me checked in and taken to Spanish class.  Within about 30 minutes of entering the MTC I was already in class and immersed in everything about missionary work!  In the evening we had a teaching experience where we got to practice teaching people more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We had three different people in different scenarios.  the best was when I stood up and asked Arnold (his wife had passed away and he was very lonely) if he would commit to praying to God to know if his wife was okay and if he could see her again.  He said yes!

Thursday:  Thursday we spent more time practicing how to learn about people and what God sees in them.  I got cleared for immunizations.  No shots for me.  Not like I was really worried about that.  Lots of class and study time.  We had our first language study and it was good but a bit overwhelming because we have about 5 language books to study and I didn't know which one to use first!

Friday:On Friday in class we learned how to pray, greet people, and bear testimony all in Spanish. Me and Hermana greenwood spent most of our time preparing our lesson for our first Investigator Lesme.  We were going to teach her about Joseph Smith and the restoration but decided that was not a good place to start.  So we taught a 20 minute lesson about God as our loving father and how we can pray to him about anything.  The lesson did not go super well, it was disorganized, our spanish was not perfect, but the best part was when she asked what happens if God does not answer your prayer or you do not like the answer.  I felt prompted to testify that he does always answer our prayers and that sometimes we don't know when it will come but it will.  I also testified in the best spanish I could muster that sometimes we don't like the answer but he knows all and his answer is best.

I have felt a little discouraged.  We aren't supposed to speak any English, and I haven't done so well with that.  But I realized I can get down on myself and say I can't do it  why try or I can say, I made a mistake, I have room to improve and as long as I try hard and do my best, God will take care of the rest.  I'm going to try to not get down on myself and just work harder when I make mistakes.

Well my time is running out.  Love you all.  Please write while it is free!

hermana Olsen