Monday, September 9, 2013

What a week!

Oscar´s baptism.
Justino. I´m almost certain he has seen twice the number of baptisms as he has had days where he was supposed to get baptized.
Me and Hna. Aagard (aka Jordan Johnson’s cousin) we are probably best friends in the mission even though we have never been companions.  At least she is my favorite Hermana in the mission.  And she always tells me how much she loves me, so we are pretty close!
 Me and my companion and hija.  She is so wonderful.  So much like me, she really feels like a hija.  And a good friend.
All the Hermanas!
My clothes hanging out to dry!  SO european.  I don´t know if I ever mentioned it but we hang our clothes out the window to dry them.  Pretty legit huh!

Hola Familia y amigos,

Well, we had another baptism!  Oscar, an investigator being taught by the other Hermanas until this past week, was baptized on Saturday.  We taught him the last few commandments.  He and Justino were confirmed with the Holy Ghost on Sunday. We teased it might take Justino another 6 months and 8 attempts to get confirmed but were very happy to see him at church that Sunday.  He even had a white shirt and tie!  Our district leader helped him tie it.  He was soo cute!

We continue to find and teach and teach and find.  Such is the life of a missionary.  It has been a really good week.  We taught a lot of lessons because we got several investigators from the other Hermanas.  I have really good feelings about this transfer.  I am ready to work hard and expect the Lord to work miracles through me.  A scripture I really like right now is Helaman 10:4,5.  It is my mantra and goal right now!

We tried to find a lot of less actives this week.  The relief society presidency gave us a list of 6 Hermanas they didn´t know and we found information on 5 of them.  We are still working with the last one.  They seemed really impressed.  They might give us more.  We had 45 missionaries enter the mission on Wednesday.  There are now 10 of us in Barrio 8.  The most in the whole mission.  God has a work for us to do!

I can feel something stirring in me too!  And in our ward.  Many of them are talking to us more, and the leadership (mostly bishop and ward mission leader) are really wanting to do more with missionary work.  The whole month of October the ward is dedicating a focus to missionary work.

We had a cool lesson this week.  3 teenage boys (18ish) came to the MTC reception and were asking questions to the receptionist just as we were finishing a lesson.  She directed them to us and we had the chance to show them temple grounds, and the capilla (chapel).  I answered all their questions, and pretty much taught them everything (even a little of the law of chastity).  We invited them to church, they didn´t come, but they seemed very impressed with what we believed in and all.  It was cool.

This week, we have been trying to reach our goals better.  To find more, we decided we would not go home for medio dia until we had found one person.  This helped us talk to more people, and one day gave us a cool experience.  

We were trying to find a less active, and contact as well.  We were talking to a lot of people, but nobody was all too interested.  Mediodia was appraoching and the people were dwindling.  During Mediodia NOBODY is on the streets.  I was worried we were going to have to spend mediodia walking around trying to FIND someone to contact.  I started talking to every. single. person.  Nada.  

A little frustrated, I decided we should go home and see if there were more people in that part of our area.  As we got to the metro, and had to wait a few minutes before it came, I had the impresion that we could find someone while on our way back home.  A little doubtful we sat down next to a guy, and I asked him where he was from.  He said the Philippines.  I asked if he spoke English (they all do).  We then had a conversation in English, I explained why we were in Spain, and he said we could write down his number.  God really blessed us!

So, basically, I LOVE the mission.  I love My Savior.  I know He loves me and all of His children.  He LOVES YOU!  He wants to help you.  I know that no matter how hard, no matter how hopeless, no matter our past, present or future, God will never forget us.  We can never do anything to lose his love and his help.  But we have to want it.  We have to work for it.  We have to try.  And if we do, we will succeed.  Because God asks us to try, and there is success in doing what God asks of us!

I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true.  I have been studying its pages daily and every morning I read and ponder just what I need for the day or for the week!  I know this church is true.  I love it so much!  Only through the truth, and Jesus Christ can I feel such joy and happiness.  Sometimes things are hard, but we can handle everything we are given!  And we never have to do anything alone!

Con amor,
 Hermana Olsen

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