Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Transfers tomorrow

 Picture from last P-day.  We went putt-putt golfing.  I got a hole in 1 so somebody owes me skittles or something :)
 This picture is when Sis. Pena did my hair for me (a few days ago).

This picture is from this morning.  We had a bonfire in the mountains and we all found out who was being transferred and what not.

Hola Familia y amigos,

Thank you Mom for the small package.  I LOVE the cookies and the leaves almost made me cry!  So beautiful!  I have not recieved any other letters because of Transfers.  They haven't sent mail out since Friday i think.

Speaking of Transfers.  I am being transfered, but not.  They are splitting our area and there will be 4 Spanish sisters covering our Branch.  So I will be serving with Sister Marcum (I've heard good things about her) and we don't know exactly how our area is splitting but I will be moving into an apartment in Hyde Park just north of Logan.  Hermana Marin is staying in Logan with another Visa Waiter.  Hermana Pena is being transfered to Ogden.  I am very sad to see her go, we have grown very close.  The Lord truly loves me, because I did not want to leave Logan, but I was wanting to live somewhere else (3 missionaries in our small apartment has been a bit hard.)  Now I can still go to my investigators baptisms and everything!

This week was good.  I am trying to remember what happened. Apparently it is a mission tradition to burn things depending on how long you have been out.  So we got to go to a burning party.  An elder going home burnt a suit (pants and coat) some sisters burnt socks, elders that have hit a year burnt ties.  It was interesting, but a fun tradition I guess.

Halloween was a fun day for the missionaries.  We had a mission conference with Elder Falabela (of the '70? or something).  He taught us some really good stuff and it was a great day of training and instruction.  I learned a lot.  After we visited with a few investigators, and then we picked up some of the English sisters, went out to eat and were in our apartment at 6:25 (we were supposed to be home at 6).  But we had a fun night laughing and watching Mormon messages with the English sisters.  We even had one trick-or-treater.  We luckily had a little candy, so I gave it to him and then we turned our light off.  We took the sisters home around 9:30.  It was nice of our president to give us permission to have a little fun.

We have another baptismal date.  Our investigator that is 12 and went to the baptism with us is going to be baptized on December 1st.  I LOVE this gospel!

Time for some funny stories.  We went to visit one of our investigators and she lives right in front of this soccer field.  So we parked on the road right in between the soccer field and her house.  These boys were playing soccer and their ball rolls up this hill right by the car.  So I think to myself, I am a missionary, I should do service and kick the ball back.  So I do, and as I see the ball rolling down the hill I also see my SHOE flying in the air.  I kicked my shoe off too!  I quickly ran down the hill got my shoe, and we went to visit our investigator, with my companions laughing their heads off.

Also this week we were at a dinner appointment and the sister serving us asked if we wanted water or Ponche.  I asked what punche was and everyone starts laughing.  Apparently ponche is Spanish for punch.  We all got a good laugh out of that one. (Hno. Tonson- este experiencia "reminded me" de Hola y no nintendo.)

We eat so much!  Tacos, Tacos, Tacos.  The food is really good, but they feed us soooo much.  I like it, and I do a good job finishing my food (most of the time) but it is really greasy sometimes.  I am grateful though, because a lot of these people probably don't have the money to feed us, but they do anyway.

This week our branch had an activity at the Logan Temple.  We just met outside and an Hermano in our branch that knows a lot about the temple talked about its history and a little bit about what happens inside.  We were able to bring the Herrera family.  The parents are less active members and want to start coming back, and the 3 children are not baptized.  Nor are they super interested.  THey are 11, 13, and 14 so it is hard for them.  But we are working with them.  We had a really good lesson with them, and the opportunity to take them to the temple really helped.  The kids enjoyed it, and I think they will be more interested now.  I hope so.  I sure felt the spirit, I hope they felt something.  But we took pictures of the whole family with the Temple in the background and we are going to print them and give them to the family at an FHE we are doing with them.  It was really special to bring investigators to the temple and to see the whole family there, together. 

Hermana Pena told me this week that she was grateful for my example of obedience.  That made me feel good.

Sunday morning we had a meeting at 6:30 am and i didn't wake up until 6:20 (my 6:00 alarm did not go off!)  But then Hna Marin told us that it was daylight savings time.  So I got to go back to bed.  Sacrament meeting was so good on Sunday.  It was fast sunday and my 2 companions got up to bear their testimonies and so I went too, not sure if we had to sit together. And I had kind of been feeling like I ought to bear my testimony, so I did.  In front of a lot of people, and of course it was in SPANISH.  I know i did it at the MTC, but this was with many more people and they all knew really good Spanish.  But, I was not nervous at all during my testimony (before is a different story).  It was actually really fun.  Weird right?

Then, i went on splits with some English sisters, because one of them was really sick and they needed someone else so that they could go to their appointments.  Since i am in a Trio it worked just fine.  So I went to a church meeting with a bunch of ward mission leaders and a dinner appointment.  The american food (chicken alfredo) was a good change.  My companions had tacos.

Yesterday we had a really cool zone meeting.  Since it was the last district/zone meeting before transfers we had a testimony meeting.  It was so fun because everyone bore their testimony.  It was really powerful!  I love my zone.  I am so grateful that I am staying!  Yesterday, was a good day.  We got to visit a lot of people.  The best was having a Family home evening (FHE) with a less active.  Although, she has been doing really good coming to church.  But we had a short lesson and then just had fun talking to her.  She is a single mother, and we have been visiting her a lot because it really helps.  I have grown really close to her (she is probably my favorite person in Logan) and so I wrote her a note and gave it to her last night.  I really thought i was getting transferred and wasn't sure if I would see her again, so I wrote her a note.  It took me an hour to write, but wasn't very long.  I wanted it to be grammatically correct, so i had to look up a lot of words and grammar principals. 

It is going to be an exciting transfer, with a new companion and we are opening a new area.  Kind of.  I think I will have the chance to really work hard, and i am very excited for this transfer!

Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen

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