Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What a week

 Me and Hna. Pena (she came up for Darina's baptism.  it was SOOOO good to see her again)

Beautiful Logan Mountains!

Hola Familia y amigos,

I hope every one is well.  It has been an up and down week for me, but a really good end.  Thanks Mom for the package and the blog posts / emails.

Okay, this week really was an emotional up and down, but overall good.  Really, not much happened because we have no investigators and we are still sharing a car with the Logan Hermanas.

It was a hard week for me because I was just really frustrated all week.  It is REALLY hard to share a car.  They should be getting a car soon, and I hope so because I want to be able to focus on my area and my work rather than wasting time driving the other Hermanas around.  I know it has to be done, because they have investigators and we don't.  But I can't help but think, we don't have investigators because we are not spending enough time looking for them.  

It is really hard to be in an area with so little.  It is hard to start from scratch.  I was also frustrated this week because the other Hermanas are having so much success.  I think I was feeling a little jealous. It is deeper though, I was not jealous that they are having success, I was jealous that they were having success with investigators that used to be mine.  They visit people that I helped find and I started teaching.  They are teaching people that I know and love.  These investigators, these dear people that I LOVE, are progressing and will likely get baptized this transfer or next.  I think I was feeling jealous because it is all happening without me.  Something that used to be mine isn't anymore, but I am still close enough to see it.  Which is a blessing because I can go to their baptisms and see them when they come to church, but it is really hard to drop the Hermanas off at a lesson with someone I love so much and not be able to go in and teach/ talk with them too. 

I have also been frustrated this week, because what I want more than ANYTHING is to change someone's life. I want to bring someone unto Christ.  I want to help someone enter the waters of Baptism so that they can have eternal life and Salvation.  I want to see miracles.  I want to have the spirit work through me more fully.  I miss teaching.  I think we taught 3 times this week.  I want these things so badly, and I am trying to work hard and have faith.  I guess I just need patience now.

It has also been a hard week because my Companion has expected a lot of me.  She makes me do phone calls to the English people, sometimes Spanish, take the lead in doing more contacts, and she even let me plan a whole day of who to visit and when, and what numbers to set as goals.  She also let me take the lead in planning some lessons.  This has turned out to be a huge blessing in the end because I have learned so much and it has given me more confidence in myself.  But it was really stressful at first because I didn't know what I was doing or if I was capable of what she thought I could do.  

It was scary to plan a lesson and really hope that the spirit was guiding me.  What if I did not give the lesson they needed?  It was scary to get up to a door and have my companion say, okay this one is all yours.  Or to get home one night and have my companion say, okay what should we do tomorrow?  As stressful as it made the week, I am beyond grateful that she is making me do these things because I actually feel like i am being trained and learning and that I can be a part of my companionship.  I don't have to sit back and not do anything.  I do have power.  I do know what to say/do.  I do know how to help.  I do have good ideas.

We had a lesson this week, and I was so excited because one of the investigator’s good friends was going to come and we were going to have a member present.  It was just like the district video too.  The member is a neighbor to our investigator Adella.  And we met with her before the lesson to tell her what we had planned and what we wanted her to do.  I was so excited for this lesson.  We had studied really hard in the morning and the Spirit had guided us with such a great lesson plan about the Atonement and how we can access it more fully only after baptism.  I was a little worried that the lesson would not go well or that I would ruin something by not following the Spirit or something.  

I shouldn't have worried about it at all though.  Our member talked the whole lesson.  She took control and hardly let anyone get a word in.  It was awful and we could tell Adella didn't really like that we had brought her.  But we have a lesson with her tomorrow, pray for me that this one will go better.  One more thing to say about Adella.  She knows she needs to get baptized (She has a really strong testimony), and she would do it in a heartbeat if a certain person would baptize her.  President Uchtdorf.  She loves him, and really wants him to baptize her.  I had to try so hard not to laugh when she first told us this.  She is so serious about it.  I hope we can make her understand that she doesn't need him to do it.  (her son is a member and we want him to baptize her!)

This week we did find a few people, and have not had the chance to go back so we don't know if there will be any success.  But we met Josue knocking on doors and we gave him a book of Mormon and one for his Wife.  He opened the door and told us he was watching a soccer game.  I thought he was going to ask us to leave or be quick.  But when we asked him if we could give him the Book of Mormons he said yes even though he is Catholic.  We even had to run back to the car to get them.  I thought he would go inside and shut the door, but we got back and he was still there.  He has a cute little girl, and I REALLY hope we can find him this week.  We also met a 15 year old boy who we gave some plan of salvation folletos (pamphlets) to.  Hopefully we can find his whole family.

This week we did a service project.  We raked leaves for a member.  It took us 3 hours.  I was soooo sore the next few days.  But it was fun to do service.

We went to a public library this week to make copies of something.  I didn't realize how bad I missed books until I saw all those books that I can't read right now. I almost picked one up and started reading but realized that I can't.  It was so hard to be there, but I keep busy so  I don't think about it much. Amanda, you should be able to take pitty on me for this.  Since we are both English Majors and the same person.

We fasted for Lavinia this Sunday to help her be able to stop smoking and get baptized. She should be picking a date soon.  She went to church on Sunday!

Highlight of the week:  Are you all ready for this.... DARIANA GOT BAPTIZED!  Dariana is the 12 year old that just came about a month ago from El Salvador.  I taught her some of the lessons and she is someone I have great love for.  I don't know if I would call this my first Baptism, but I did teach her and I felt the spirit sooooo strongly at her baptism.  Highlight of my mission.

Other highlights of this week include the 2 Family Home Evening's we taught yesterday.

The first one was actually in the Morning and I planned the activity.  I felt like we needed to do it on the book of Mormon.  It was with a family that has a 2 and 4 year old, both boys.  They are a really active family and so I was a little concerned about committing them to read their scriptures every week because I figured they already did.  But we did a little scavenger hunt as we read a story from the Book of Mormon picture book.  The little boys loved it.  (thanks for doing scavenger hunts for birthdays mom, thats where I got the idea).  We committed the family to read their scriptures every night and the parents told us that they were really good about praying as a family but didn't read their scriptures often because it was hard to keep the boys interested.  I know that I was inspired and directed in planning this lesson.

The one we had last night was even better.  It was with a family that has been inactive for about 10 months.  We got there late and were really worried about it, but they let us in and the whole family (except the dad) was gathered around the table with their scriptures and their hymn books.  We had such a good lesson about how we can get answers to questions.  We had each person close their eyes and imagine that they were in their room doing homework or something.  We told them to imagine that someone walked into their room, and that it was Jesus Christ.  We asked them to think of a question they would ask him and to write the question on a paper and then we went around answering the questions with the scriptures and what not.  Some of the best parts were when the Mom marked a scripture that I shared and then her little son copied her and marked the scripture too.  Also amazing was when we were answering one of the kids questions about how the church was true and the Mom told her story of how she knew.  She started crying and the spirit filled the room.  We committed the family to pray, read the scriptures, and come to church.  They said yes, and I really hope they will.  Please pray for this family!

I LOVE MY MISSION.  The church is true!  The spirit that I feel and the opportunity to help people realize what is important is amazing.  I love that as I help these wonderful people that I love so much, I help myself.  By bringing others unto Christ I bring myself unto Christ.  I get the chance to help others and help myself.

For Thanksgiving, we actually didn't get a solid invite for dinner, so six of us sisters are getting together and cooking our own thanksgiving dinner.  I am really excited.  We bought a lot of good stuff.  

 Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen

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