Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What a wonderful week

The Logan Temple

Hola Everyone!

Thank you to those who wrote me this week!

So this week was somewhat uneventful.  Not a whole lot happened, but it was a great week!

We went to visit a referral and they opened the door and told us that they had met with missionaries and needed time to get an answer and to come back in November (which was like 8 days away at the time) but we will be back in 2 days.

In the beginning of my mission, I would tell people I was from Michigan and sometimes they would joke and say oh Michocan?  (which sounds like michigan with a spanish accent, but is actually a city in Mexico)  I would say yes and then they would laugh because I mis-understood.  But I don't do that anymore.

I got to call to make the dinner appointment once this week.  It was a bit scary but the phone was on speaker phone and so my companions could help me.  I did fine and only needed a bit of help at the end.

I love going to an investigators house and just hoping they are home, and then they are and you get to teach when it wasn't planned.  The chance to teach when you weren't expecting to is so wonderful!  We have 2 investigators with a date! Janie is 10 and from a less active family.  Her date is Nov 24 and Lavinia is the investigator who speaks really fast.  We taught her yesterday and the spirit was so strong, she set her own baptism date!  Nov. 14th!

We have also been teaching Lola this week.  She started coming to church on her own and seems to really enjoy everything.  She is fun to teach because she has a lot of really good questions.

Another contact we made this week was really funny.  We knocked on the door and heard a voice call, "Quien?" (who) so not sure what to say, I respond, "Las Misioneras"  This was not the best idea, because she didn't open the door then.

We also got a contact for an older man who is living in a nursing home in north Logan.  His name is Rodrigo and he was not interested until he realized that we were Mormon.  Then he got really excited.  So we visited him a second time and we brought a Book of Mormon on audio because he cannot read.  When we arrived, his nurse was there trying to help him find $13,000 and the cops were on the way to help and figure out what happened!  The nurse left and Rodrigo tried to give us another 11,000 because he was scared it was going to be taken from him (he knew he wasn't supposed to have the money-the nurse told us they keep all hospital residents money in a safe).  But we did not take the money.  The cops arrived and we told them that he had more and Hna. Marin got to fill out a police report.  We get into the craziest experiences as missionaries!

Speaking of funny experiences.  On Friday, we lost our phone.  We had pulled up to a lesson, and we saw all the lights in the house go off so we got out of the car as quickly as we could.  Then Hna Pena says, "oh freak" and tells us that she dropped the phone down the sewer!  We were freaking out and I was laughing.  Long story short, our ward mission leader who was there to help teach lifted the grate off and we were lucky because it wasn't a deep sewer and it was only full of leaves, no water.  He reached down, pulled out the back of the phone, the front of the phone, and finally the battery.  The phone still works! whoo!

This week, the English sisters had a baptism and we took our 12 year old investigator to it. She said it was beautiful but thought it was going to be in a river!  

Also this week we got to go to the SLC Latino cultural event Luz de las Naciones.  It was a bunch of dances from Spanish speaking countries celebrating the Book of Mormon.  We also had a mission wide fireside with songs and testimonies. We had 1,000 people there!

Tomorrow is halloween and we have to be home by 6pm.

Not much else has happened.  I have been a little stressed, but not bad.  We went to the Temple this morning (I thought of you Kaylie Moon. One day you will get to go, it was BEAUTIFUL!!) and that helped.  My doubt was resolved.

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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