Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I love being a missionary!

 Dariana's baptism
 Dariana's baptism


Janie's baptism

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Thank you to everyone that wrote me this week: Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Jennifer, Corinne (I got your letter this week-definitely a kickin letter!), Mom (I got the jump rope and all else), Kate, Allie G, and anyone else (sorry if I forgot someone. I dont have my list!) Oh thanks to all my B306 girls for the letter, chocolate, and window clings. I loved it all!

This week was pretty uneventful. We had 2 Noches de Hogar [Family Home Evenings]. We did one with the Lopez family about being grateful because it was right before thanksgiving and we had another one last night with the Garcia family and we talked about the Restoration and focused on Prophets.

We also had a pretty cool meeting with a man on our ward list. We thought he was inactive but then found out he was going to the English ward although not every Sunday. It was a miracle that we found him too. He works all the time at his job or just doing service for people. But we met him once and set up an appointment. Here comes another miracle. He was late coming home from work and we almost left before he came home. But he got home just as we were leaving. But you may be wondering why it is so important that we met with him. Well, he told us that it has been YEARS since missionaries have knocked on his door, and even longer since Spanish speaking missionaries have knocked on his door. He told us that he was praying for direction in his life. He was glad we came over because of the sweet Spirit all missionaries bring. He is a really cool guy and was inactive for a while but is starting to come back. It was fun to talk to him and I think he is a great guy and can really help the Buenavista Branch a lot. He is considering coming to the Spanish Branch.

This week we did a lot of door knocking and visiting referrals. But we are starting to find some people! We contacted into the Flores family and they had been meeting with the missionaries for a while and seemed fine having us come back. They actually remembered my companion (Hna. Marcum served her first transfer in Logan/Hyde Park 8 months ago). We have also been able to get some referrals by knocking on houses. Most of the time we run into English Speaking people that are members and more than willing to tell us where non-member Spanish people live. One lady even gave us a phone book that we can go through and look for Spanish names. I feel like we have become ultimate creepers, but that is a price I am willing to pay to help someone come unto Christ and receive the gift of Eternal Life and Salvation.

We found another family and she said she would call us because she had no idea when would be a good time and she wanted her whole family to be able to listen. She took a folleto (pamphlet) and said she would read it before we asked her to read it. So hopefully she will call.

Thanksgiving was lots of fun. Admittedly I was a little homesick, but it was one of the best Thanksgivings I have ever had. We spent Wed. night at the other Hermanas place and made construction paper hand traced turkeys. Then we wrote a gratitude scripture on them, thanked them for all that they do and signed them, Love the Sister Missionaries. We spent the whole day delivering them. We would tape them to the door and drive to the next house. We got caught once and had a few close calls. It was fun being sneaky and doing service. We delivered about 40 turkeys. For dinner 6 of us sister missionaries got together and had a FEAST. There were few things we did not have. We had turkey, ham, vegetables, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie, rolls, etc. It was a good dinner and fun to cook with all the sisters.

On Saturday, the Lord showed me just how much he loves me. He let me sleep in until 8:15. Oops. I forgot to set my alarm! That was a weird morning. I woke up and I felt refreshed. I remember lying in bed thinking, I feel good, wait, that is weird. I usually can't open my eyes. Why is it so light out? What time is it? "Oh FREAK" I said out loud. "Hermana. It's 8:15" I said to my companion. She bolts up. "What. Freak. Oh. well, we can't do anything about it." And the best part was, I thought I was going to be really mad at myself. But I didn't care. I decided that the Lord wanted us to sleep in. We had been really tired and there have been times when I haven't set the alarm (in the MTC) but we still got up on time or just a few minutes late because I woke up feeling like I needed to check the time. Hna. Marcum told me she has had similar experiences where she wakes up needing to check the time. I guess Heavenly Father just decided to give us a break. 9 1/2 hours of sleep. It felt so good!

Janie got baptized on Saturday! She is the 10 year old that says the sweetest most heartfelt prayers. I did teach her a few lessons, but missionaries had been teaching her before so I wouldn't really count this as one of my baptisms. But that did not stop me from feeling such immense joy when she entered the waters of baptism.

On sunday me and Hna Marcum had to go on splits. We had a church meeting and an appointment at the same time. The Logan Hermanas were not doing anything so we did the splits with them. Hermana Marcum and Marin went to the appointment which fell through so they visited people while me and Hna. Judy (also waiting for Visa for the Spain Madrid Mission) went to the church meeting. It was a missionary meeting to see how we were doing and it is a meeting we go to to get referrals. It was with the English wards but they know their Spanish neighbors. It was my first time being the missionary in charge of reporting on people we visited and any help we needed. It was a good opportunity though.

On sunday, we had two dinners. Luckily for me though, we only picked the first one up. Her husband was really sick and she didn't want us to get sick. So I didn't eat any of that one. This was good, because our second dinner fed us a ton! We started with bread and really good, filling chicken noodle soup. Then she brought out a big plate of salad and a whole chicken. She made it clear she wanted us to eat it all. So the four of us Sisters ate a whole chicken and most of the salad. Then we had popsicles for dessert. See why I need the jump rope mom?

I am learning how to conduct music. The Hermanas found out i don't know how, and Hna Marcum is teaching me. She said I am going to be conducting on sunday. Please pray for me, I am not musically coordinated or talented in any way! But I am told I will need this skill in Spain.

Also, Lola is getting baptized. She is the investigator that we found because she started coming to church. I am not teaching her anymore, but I have such love for her I am really happy. The Logan Hermanas told us last night.

Yesterday we had a specialty training for all sister missionaries and district leaders. We talked a lot about being bold but doing it with love. Pray for me to be bold, it is not easy.

We also visited a less active Hermana last night. I have so much love for her. She has been inactive for about 7 months and this is the Hermana that we had the Noche de Hogar [FHE] with and she started crying as she bore testimony about her conversion. But last night we went to visit and she told us "Thank you for coming to save the one lost sheep." She is so sweet, and I am so happy for her desire to want to come back.

I love being a missionary. I love changing peoples lives. I LOVE IT!

Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen

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