Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh Barrio 1

 The baptism of Dantel.  I’m pretty sure he is from Ecuador, but I don´t know for sure. hahaa.
 My photo wall.  On the very right you can see pictures from Corinne´s wedding!
P-day today.  We went to Parque Europa (Europe park).  It was my third time going and I´ve already sent pictures from it, but this one was different.  We found this little vine tunnel, I don´t know what it is. haha. i cannot talk in English anymore.

Hola Familia y amigos,

Barrio 1 is different.  It has been a CRAZY week.  White washing is not easy.  But we had a baptism on Sunday, so I cannot complain much.  It´s just been hard getting to know the ward and our investigators, and our area!  We were doing weekly planning before we had even MET some of our investigators.  We still haven´t met them all!  But we are working hard and overall I really like Barrio 1.  It is a smaller barrio, but really good. We have only met a few members, but they are so nice and one Hermana is willing to help us with anything.

So we spent a lot of time going through the area book, and having the Elders help us and trying to make sense of everything, but I will tell you about our Baptism and the Bolivar family.

Dantel (30 yrs old) got baptized yesterday and it was AMAZING!  Long story short we had some struggles.  We had the baptism planned for Satuday, but it ended up happening yesterday.  Missionary life--things happen!  I´m just glad he got baptized.  He was so cute after, he looks at us and says, “I´m not an investigator anymore.”  hahaa.  

It was super weird that we were the ones to baptize him too.  He had already been taught EVERYHING.  We just gave him a pre-interview and then he had his real one.  The day of his baptism was like the 4th time we had met him! haha.  But he is super cool.  i felt the Spirit really strong when he got baptized!

The Bolivar family.  They are AMAZING.  They are a FAMILY first off.  And they are from Peru.  They have been meeting with the missionaries for about 3 years now. The only thing stopping them from being baptized is that they are not married.  But that isn´t stopping their children!  

They have a 10 or 11 year old son who is a member and we are currently preparing their 8 year old for baptism.  We don´t know if the parents are just waiting for marriage but I think they are.  To me this family is incredible.  They are raising their children in the true church and patiently waiting their turn for baptism.  They go to church every sunday, and are super active.  They have the picture version of the Book of Mormon, the New Testament, AND the Doctrine and Covenants.  Their kids know sooo much about the gospel.  It´s amazing.  

Rosalind, the 8 year old, is SOO funny.  We are teaching her all the lessons to make sure she is ready.  Yesterday we did the Plan of Salvation.  When talking about the resurrection and being restored to our perfect state, she asked us what would happen if somebody had a face and half of it was one color and half was another?  To what state would they be restored?  It was SO funny.  

Hna Palomino was great.  She just said, "The only answer we have is what the scriptures say.  They would be restored to the perfect state.  If we meet someone like that in heaven, we can ask them."   Teaching children, is fun.  After her baptism, which is this saturday, we are going to start focusing on the parents and see when they can get baptized.  They are getting married on December 11th so hopefully pretty soon!

This week, we are going to have to work hard on finding because we don´t have a very big group of people to teach!  Prayers that we can find people prepared for the gospel would be awesome!  Thanks.

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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