Monday, December 2, 2013


Christmas lights in a little courtyard of our piso!
Missionary baptism story: I hope you find this as funny as I did.  The elders had a baptism the other week, and after the ordinance, they forgot to unplug the font.  When we all went down to have refreshments, we realized it and nobody wanted to go in the water (they said it was cold during the baptism and a good 30 minutes more had passed).  So how did they get the plug out?  

Our recent convert (not the one who got baptized), Dantel, grabs a chair and puts it on two different steps.  He tries to balance on it and I yell to one of the elders to grab the chair.  He responds, don´t grab the chair, grab Dantel!  With one elder holding the chair, and the other holding Dantel, Dantel was able to reach down, grab the plug, and come back up without getting wet!  We were all impressed.  

Later, Hermana Palomino asked me how many elders it takes to unplug a baptismal font.  I responded, ¨2, and a recent convert"  It was SOOOO funny!

Hunger games metro:  This metro came into the station on the other side of the tracks, while we were waiting for ours.  I think I took a step back as my jaw dropped in awe.  It was so cool to see it come in, and leave.  A powerful ad.

Hola familia y amigos,

This week has been absolutely amazing.  We are finding, teaching, and working with the ward! Every day I go out and work my hardest.  I am so happy it is amazing.

We started teaching two new investigators this week.  We had great first lessons with them.   I am feeling myself become a powerful teacher.  This week, I have been working on asking inspired questions.  It has had an inpact on my teaching.  I am trying very hard to work and teach by the Spirit. Doing so makes the work so much easier and more successful.

I´ve been reading an English copy of the General Conference Ensign.  I think I recieved it on Wednesday and have already read the session we were not able to see, the Relief Society General Meeting and am halfway through the Saturday Morning session.  I love the words of the modern prophets!  I know their words are true!

For the month of December our goal is to have 3 baptisms.  We are so excited to work hard and find those people ready for the Gospel.  We are also looking for 25 Christmas miracles.  We already have 2!  This transfer is going to be full of miracles.

Thanksgiving was great!  We ended up not doing brazilian, but all the missionaries in our ward (there are 8 of us. 6 elders and 2 hermanas) went to KFC and we bought buckets of chicken.  Then we went to the Capilla and ate all our food together.  It wasn´t turkey but it was american!  and we all said things were grateful for!  It was a good little thanksgiving in Spain.

It snowed a bit the night before thanksgiving.  we woke up to a little bit of snow.  It is COLD here. 

Mom, I got the package.  The blouse is PERFECT.  and I´m wearing the shoes right now!  I loved the cookies too!  Mint chocolate chip.  I think I smelled the cookies before I saw them!

We had a cool experience with the Bolivar family last night.  Hermano had asked the elders to give him a blessing, but they left after church before the Elders could find them, so they came to our lesson with them yesterday.  They gave him a blessing and then their little 5 year old son Jesus went and sat on the chair and put his hands on his head and looked at Elder Lloyd.  He was clearly asking for a blessing, and so the Elders gave him one.

Then Hermana got one and lasty Rosalind (our 8 year old recent convert) decided she wanted one.  The blessings were beautiful, as they always are.  But what struck me most this time, was how grateful I am that we have the priesthood on the earth today!  And how grateful I was for 2 Elders that lived their lives right that they prepared and were serving missions and when the time was necessary, they were ready and prepared to offer a blessing!  4 in fact!

I know this gospel is true.  I have learned this week that we need not fear if our trust is in the Lord and if we are following in His path.  I know He will lead me and guide me in all of my endeavours.  He´s been doing it, more than ever, for the past 16 months and I know it will continue the rest of my life.

I understand the gospel better every day.  I am more dedicated now than ever to live it.  I love it and I love who it has shaped me to become!

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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