Monday, July 29, 2013

We are BUSY

Hola familia y amigos,

First off, I love you all!  What a week we have had in Spain!  I now have my hija Hna. O´keeffe from Stoke-on-trent near Manchester.  She is SO COOL.  I like her accent.  We get along really well.  Her brother is serving in London South, I hear thats a pretty good mission :) right dad?  Training is going well.  Better this time.  This week was a little slow because of splitting the area.  Montes did not get baptized, he had to work.  We will try to do it this week. During the week will probably be better for him. 

We might be moving soon.  I got an email from the Office Elders telling us about a few pisos we can look at.  So along with being a trainer, missionary leader hermana, and just regular missionary, we will also be piso hunting! wow. Talk about being busy. 

We are finding a ton and really working hard.  Now we just need to get the ward involved.  This is where I struggle, because I don´t know the ward very well.  I´m probably just going to call some families this week and see if we can visit.  And we have to get some help in ward council. We just have never been invited.  The elders go though, so I will talk to Elder Barragan.  He is also my district leader.  He is so amazing.  He is really supportive and works hard to make our district a good one.

Highlights of the week: MIRACLES.  Many of you have heard about Elder Ward.  He was in the MTC and just came into the field earlier this week.  His first full day he traveled to the north to meet his companion up there.  He was on the train that derailed. 

President told us 1/3 of the passengers died and all were seriously injured.  When the text came out to the whole mission that Elder Ward was on the train and in a serious condition in the hospital, me and my companion (in the MTC with him and knows him very well) immediately dropped to our knees to pray for the Lord’s Will and for the safety of Elder Ward. 

The next morning we received a text that he had been released from the hospital.  I have gained a real testimony of the power of prayer.  Receiving the text that he was out of the hospital brought me to my knees in a prayer of gratitude.  I know prayer works and I am so grateful for the example of Elder Ward and for God´s love to answer our prayers. 

It was a powerful day to think that we did not know what was going to happen but to think of 100+ righteous missionaries on their knees praying for him.  It was a horrid thing to happen, but I think everyone in the mission learned a lot.  President says he will be out and working among us soon!  We are very happy for him to be okay.

This transfer I continue to be Hermana Leader.  We had a really cool first lesson this week with Orlin.  He was a reference from a member in Barrio 6, where I had just been serving.  He really liked the restoration, told us he would pray about it, and be baptized if he knew it was true.  He also said he would talk to his wife to see if we can teach the whole family and look for other people that need a message of the truth! 

We visited a less active yesterday and I have been trying hard to ask for references this transfer.  So I asked her, and she gave us the name and number of her friend and neighbor!

Miracles are real. This church is true! I LOVE the mission.  I have never been so tired, nor so HAPPY in my life!  Working hard brings happiness and i LOVE EVERYTHING about the mission!

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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