Monday, July 15, 2013

A week of faith, trials, and miracles!

Hola familia y amigos,

This week was much better.  Still hard, we had a baptism fall through last minute.  I don´t really want to think about it.  Basically he really wants to get baptized but he has Muslim friends and they do not and they are talking bad about him and so he cannot get baptized in this situation.  We really thought he would get baptized, everything was going so well, but now he won´t answer the phone. 

He stopped answering his phone the day before his baptismal interview and we spent 2 days tracking him down when we didn´t have lessons.  We finally found him and he explained that he cannot get baptized with his friends talking about him like they are.  He looked so sad and hopeless.  It was hard, because he was so set on getting baptized and so excited.  I have hope for him in the future though.  He did not get baptized this week, but he is in the Lords hands, and I have faith that he can get baptized someday.

I have really learned a lot about faith this transfer, huh?  And enduring.  Because the blessings always come.  We have another investigator that is pretty set for getting baptized this week, the 20th.  This is Justino the investigator we tried to baptize over the weekend like 2 weeks ago.  He finally felt his toque (like a knock or touch) that he has been waiting for to tell him he is ready.  He came to church on Sunday and really seems excited for saturday. 

PLEASE pray for him this week that he can continue to feel that he should get baptized and that he can have evenings off from work so that he can meet with us and have time for a baptismal interview.  And we extended a baptismal invite to someone who has been meeting with missionaries for 2 years and she accepted saying she had been thinking about baptism! 

We also continue to find more people to teach.  Vallecas is a great area with many people ready to accept the Gospel.  We are working really hard and really well in this trio.  I love my companions very much with how well we get a long and the amazing work we have done this transfer. 

Next transfer I would not be surprised if we had a baptism every week.  We had planned originally on baptizing 5 of our investigators this transfer, and while that did not happen, we realized that all 5 of them are at the point where they want to be baptized and so a lot of that will be happening next transfer.

We really do work well together and I hope that can last as long as possible.  We make a good team.

Intercambios were really good this week. We did them twice. With both of the B6 hermanas.  I spent a day with Hna. Stepp in my area.  She is so sincere and servicable.  I also spent a day in Barrio 6 with Hna. Smith.  She is wonderful.  I LOVE going back to barrio 6 for intercambios.  I lived in that piso for 2 transfers and really enjoyed everything.  It was fun to spend the night with my girls again and to walk around my old area.  I LOVE the mission and I LOVE Spain.

What else happened this week?  We have no AC in our piso.  We are dying of heat.  But we are going to buy fans today because the mission will reimburse them!  August is coming up and so a lot of people are out of town.  We have one investigator who has been out of town this whole month and gets back early August.

People here know how to survive heat.  They carry around abanicos (fans, like you would see Mulan use)  the ones that fold out. I bought one and it has saved my life.  hehe.  They also have shutters that they use to keep it nice and dark in the piso so the sun doesnt heat everything up.  And if you freeze a waterbottle half full then it stays cold longer.  But still not all day. 

Also one day it was raining and the rain evaporated almost as quickly as it landed on the hot pavement.  I got water on my shirt but didn´t bother to change because it dried by the time we got to the bus stop about 3 minutes from our piso.  IT´S HOT!  I feel like I am melting.  I am very excited for it to cool down.  The other day it was like 41.  I think that is in the 100´s but I am not sure....

This weekend there are going to be like 9 baptisms.  We are having a baptism at 6 and just baptizing everyone.  One area is having 5 baptisms, we are having Justino, and a few others.  The work is progressing. 

We are expecting 7 Hermanas this upcoming week and 13 the next transfer.  The Lord is hastening His work. 

Our investigators our progressing very well.  We need to start finding, because of those that we teach regularly, 4 of the 5 or 6 have baptismal dates or have explicitly said yes I want to be baptized.  The best of this was with Mauro.  He is 26 and just super prepared for the gospel.  He has always agreed that our church was good and he has seriously been considering baptism, but it wasn´t until recently that we helped him understand that this is the true church when we asked him to specifically pray and ask if he should be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He prayed and of course he got an answer. Now he just wants a little time to talk to his family and learn a bit more.  I think we will give him a fecha next time we see him (he works a TON) for mid august or early september!

We still haven´t seen the worldwide broad cast. Unfortunately, it´s not really a thing here.  Nobody really knows about it.  We told our bishop and he hadn´t heard.  And so he said he would wait for the Stake president to do something about it.  He is a good bishop, but when it comes to things like this, the people don´t take initiative.  I hope the members see it soon, because they need to help us, the work would go soooo much better!  Maybe this week!

Things are going really well!

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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