Monday, June 24, 2013


Hola familia y todos,

This week has been good.  A bit stressful, but really really good.

Let me start of by saying we had 4 baptisms this week!  A family, a grandmother and her 3 teenage grandchildren, were baptized this week.  I do not know them well, I was only there to teach them the last few lessons, but I sure love them.  They are a great family with faith in the true church.  I am so happy for them.  Their baptism was really special and amazing.  The spirit is sooo strong at baptisms.

I have started doing intercambios [exchanges] with other hermanas as part of my responsibility.  They are really fun to do.  I LOVE getting to know all the Hermanas in the mission.  I learn a ton!

We have been really busy this week meeting with all of our investigators and trying to help them progress.  My faith has been growing sooo much lately. We have so many investigators with sooo much potential.  They just have one major thing that keeps them from baptism.  But I am trying to have more faith in them and in the Lord that things will work out and I can be His instrument in helping them overcome their challenges.  I know that all things are possible with Him, I have seen miracles day after day.

This week has been hard, because we have been super busy and I have started doing the intercambios.  I am trying to train and have a really good area because I have been asked to be an example and have a good area, but it is so hard when I am leaving every week.  We have been so busy, I have not had time to train my trainee very well.  We haven´t had time to do studies a few days this week.  I am trying, and this is something I am going to focus on more, but I just have felt like a really bad trainer this week.  Which is a flop from last week where I felt guidance every step.  Dont get me wrong, I still feel this guidance, just this week was a little harder.  I am so greateful that every day is a new day and we can try and do better.

Today, we went to Segovia.  We saw an ancient aqueduct and a cathedral, and a castle.  It was the best P-day of my mission.  Because we were in a touristy part of Spain, we ran into many americans.  It was fun to talk to them all.  I hadn´t heard that much English in a really long time!  Everything was so beautiful.  It is probably my new favorite city in Spain.  And we went with a group of about 20 hermanas.  It was sooo fun!  We spent the whole day there exploring the city and loving Spain.

I don´t have my camera cord, but pictures of Segovia will come next week!

I LOVE you all, and hope you are doing well!  This church is true and the way for sooo much happiness!  I LOVE it!  I LOVE it all!

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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