Monday, June 10, 2013

Amazing people

All the B6 missionaries on my last night in B6...
Our last night as B6 hermanas. I am the only one leaving.  Not the best quality of pictures but I like the one where we are trying to jump.  We had the picture on timer so it was really hard to know when to jump!

Me and Elder Pizarro, my district leader.

Me and David. One of my African friends in the park!

 Singing in the park and saying good bye to people.
 Natalie is in our ward and would help us in lessons.
Me and Vicente.  she cried when I said good bye.  I almost did too.
My filipino family.  They helped us a ton with Gener and our lessons with him. And they always fed us the BEST food.  Ryan, 18 years old, is like the filipino version of Keith. To the T.  I found a brown version of my brother. hahaaaa.  They need to be best friends.  They have very similar personalities and are super coool.
Gener, our Filipino friend

 Pictures from after the temple.
 The cultural dinner. All the Hnas. have matching skirts!  All the Barrio 6 missionaries as well.
Me and Hna. Munden in the park
The mission activity in the mission home.  
 All the Hnas. who have 10 months.  We entered the MTC together and will go home together.

Hola Familia y todos!

This week has been good, but pretty uneventful.  I ought to start with transfers.  

Today starts a new transfer.  I have been transferred to Bario 8 in Vallecas.  It is not a far move, and we share the same capilla (chapel).  I will be companions with Hna. Seastrand who just finished her second transfer in the mission.  And we will be Co-training.  I´m having a baby!  I am having an Hija!  Por fin!  

I am nervous to train, especially since I will be lead trainer, and I may have to help my other companion as well.  She just finished being trained so she is not being trained, but she is still very young.  But more than anything I am excited.  I know God will help me.  I know I do not have to be a perfect trainer, but that I can be the perfect trainer for her.

So tomorrow, Hna. Seastrand and I have a trainer meeting and then we will pick up our new companion.

This week we found a lot of new people.  We went through the area book and the phone book and called a bunch of people if we didn´t know them or if we thought they had potential.  We have had many say no or call me in a few days (which usually but not always means no) but we have also had several meet with us.

We had to go to Aluche to get the residency card of Hna Munden this week.  I HATE Aluche.  It is a waste of time, but necessary.  It takes hours waiting in line to get the card.  We went on Wednesday and the line was so long, we did not have time so we left and went again on friday.

Friday, we had a ward activity.  We had a cultural dinner.  The missionaries made food from the United states (sloppy joes), Norway, Italy, and Andalucia (southern spain).  Members had food from the Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, and mas.  The point of the activity was missionary work.  Members were only supposed to come if they brought a non-member or if they brought a less active.  Our mission leader said we had 12 less actives and a decent amount of non-members.  We had 2 of our investigators come.

It was a good turn out too.  We had just enough food to feed our guests.  Not one missionary got to eat, but that is okay.  We started the activity by watching the 20 minute restoration video. It was really good!

I LOVE you all, and am very excited for the upcoming transfer.  But I am starting my new position as Hermana Trainer and I am training so extra prayers in my behalf would not be missed! LOVE YOU ALL.  This is the true church.  I know it and I cannot deny it.  Rather, I must tell everyone I can about it!

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen

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