Monday, April 8, 2013


Me and my teddy bear.  His name is Sol (Sun) because i bought him in Sol.  He only has 1 ear, but I love him. 

And my beige jacket!  I LOVE it

Also the picture with all the hermanas is from General Conference

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Well, let’s start with General Conference.  That was by far the highlight of my week.  We watched one session on saturday at 6 Spain time and it was live.  Then on sunday they rebroadcasted the second saturday session at 2 Spain time and then watched the first sunday session live at 6 Spain time.  The last sunday session was shown from 10-midnight Spain time, so we did not see that one.  My favorite talks were President Packer (his poem mostly!) and Sis. Dalton. 

I received a lot of revelation, and have never enjoyed conference so much.  There is just something about conference as a missionary!  Also, I heard them call Daniel F. Dunnigan.  I had my suspicions if that was our President Dunnigan.  I am not the least bit surprised.  I give him a few years before he is called as an apostle. :)  What area will he reside in?

This week has been a rollercoaster.  But all is well now.  We mostly contacted a lot, and taught a few lessons.  However, we were supposed to have a baptism, but it fell through.  Here is the story:  She was supposed to be baptized on Friday.  We went to visit her thursday night to do the baptismal inverview and give her a blessing.  She has cancer and is in and out of the hospital all the time.  So we wanted to have her recieve a blessing of strength.  However on thursday we went by and her cousin and uncle said she wasnt home.  They wouldn´t let us in either. 

However, they are against the church and so we thought they were just lying.  They said she was in the hospital, but they wouldn´t give us any information.  So we didn´t believe them.  We also did not feel like cancelling the baptism.  We had faith that everything would work out. 

We spent the next morning trying to find her.  She hadn´t been answering her phone for a few days.  We went back to her piso and her cousin finally gave us the hospital.  But we didnt get the room number and so the hospital couldn´t help us.  We kept calling and finally a few hours before the baptism, she answered and told us she was in the hospital and hung up. 

Long story short it was an emotional roller coaster of are we having a baptism or not?  We were really sad to cancel it in the end, and I was a little confused because I had felt so strongly that we shouldn´t cancel it.  But reflecting on this experience, I learned to have faith in God a lot more.  And to really trust in His timing. 

We can´t get a hold of her again, but we are not giving up.  If I know one thing, I know God wants her to be baptized. I may not know when, but I do know it will happen.  Her name is Julieta by the way.  If you could pray that we can find her and work hard to get her baptized that would be great!

Sorry this is so short, but really not much happened this week.  General Conference helped me resolve a lot of doubts.  Just in finding more confidence!  I swear conference was directed right at me!  I love the personal revelation I received.  I went with 2 questions and wrote a lot of notes that answered those questions.  I think it was the most inspirational conference I have ever been to.  We were blessed to watch it in English too.  They have a room for missionaries :).

Also, as of right now I am scheduled to finish my mission Febuary 19th.  Happy birthday mom and dad. almost.  Since my 18 months falls in the middle of the transfer I am "extending."  I´m sure it comes as no surprise, but I am beyond excited that I can serve the Lord for almost 19 months.  I still have a lot to learn, but I have learned a lot.

Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen 

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