Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another wonderful week in Spain

Hola Familia y amigos,

This has been a really good week.  Isn´t every week? On March 14th I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of getting my mission call.  And it was pie day so I bought a cake that was round.  No pie in spain.  This week was also Hna. Coakwells birthday/last week, so we had lots of cake fed and given to us.  I love food, and we got a TON of it this week.  I think my stomach has grown. Meal appointments aren´t a problem so much. Weird.  Before the mission I hardly ate.

One day this week we had a lot of lessons and stuff but we had the goal to get 2 references. We had 10 minutes to contact and I asked Hna. Coakwell if we could do it in 10 minutes.  Just then these 2 teenage boys (13 and 15?) start trying to flirt  with us.  We tell them a little about our message and that we have English class.  I´m about ready to leave cause they are just being immature and flirty, when Hna. Coakwell asks for their numbers!  I was shocked!  But she proved that we could get 2 references in 10 minutes.

This week we went to Eduardo´s baptism.  The other sisters had been teaching him, but it was really excited to see him get baptized.

Paulino is doing well.  He told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true.  But he is really struggling because he is living with a girl and she doesn´t really like us and so he has a hard time coming to church.  And he doesn´t want to hurt her, so he won´t move out or fix that issue.  But he knows.  We just need to help him understand that it is worth it.  He is reading and praying. Pray for him please.

Julian is lost.  HIs phone is not working and we never got his address because we always met him at the metro station.  I don´t know what happened but I am really worried about him. He was progressing.  He gave us the phone number of one of his roommates because they might be interested, so maybe we can find him that way.  Please pray that we can find Julian!

Dayana is going out of town for a month, so I don´t know what will happen with her.  We haven´t met with her since the awesome Restoration lesson about 2 weeks ago, so I am worried she is going to lose the feelings she felt.  Pray for her too!

Paco had surgery on his foot and cannot walk to church because it is really far.  We can still teach him, but he can´t go to church.  I´m going to ask the ward mission leader if anyone can give him a ride.  But pray for him please.  That he can go to church!

Sunday night, our plans fell through and for 2 hours we had nothing to do but contact.  Not a problem except it was pouring rain and we didn´t have an umbrella.  But we were determined.  So we contacted in the rain for 2 hours.  My coat and shoes are still wet.  But no worries.  We had a dinner appointment right after and she fussed so much when we came in soaking wet.  She made us take our coats and sweaters off, gave me her daughters sweater and made us blow dry our hair.  Then she blow dried our coats.  And she made us a warm drink with our dinner.  She was a good mom away from home.  We blow dried so much though, that we caused the piso to lose power.  Just theirs not the whole piso (I hope).  They got it back on real quick though.

Transfers,  I am still in Leganes, but in a trio.  I hate trios.  They are fine in lessons, but contacting is just overwhelming.  I would be terrified if 3 people approached me.  It´s too many.  But I am serving with Hnas. Munden from Kansas (she has the same time as me) and Blodget from California who has 10 months.  They seem like great Hnas. So I am super excited!

Once again, no pictures.  My camera is not charged.  oops!  SO SORRY!

Con Amor,
Hna. Olsen

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