Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What a Week!

 Last night with the Monzons.
 The Spirit World in the Plan of Salvation activity.
The Pre-Mortal life.

Hola Familia y Amigos,

This week was a great week!  Let me tell you about it!

We had a Family Home Evening with an active, English-speaking family.  We took the time to meet with them because they have 6 kids ages 4-15ish.  We met the family, thinking it was a Spanish house, and they really enjoy our company.  The kids adore us.  The mom told us that her teenage daughter went to school the next day, after we first visited, and was ranting about how the sister missionaries had come over.  Their 9 year old son made us sandwiches one time.  

So we wanted to teach them a lesson to keep the kids excited about missions.  I really hope some of their daughters go on missions.  They are a great family!  The lesson went really well.  We talked about doing good actions and how that is following the example of Jesus Christ and people will notice our good actions.  For the younger kids we compared it to giving away “warm fuzzies” (we gave them cotton balls) or doing bad actions "cold prickles" (we gave them a branch from our Christmas tree).  When talking about how people notice and appreciate our good actions, we talked about how that opened a way for missionary work.  It was a good lesson.

We went to Ogden twice this week.  We drove down early in the week because our phone broke and we had to go to the office and get a new one.  Funny story about the phones here.  I don't think I have ever mentioned this.  The phone we had which broke is the same exact phone Keith used to have (the one that cracked) and the phone we have now, is the same phone I had before my mission.  Although it is a grey color and not bright blue.  But same exact phone.  So I know how to use it really well.

Our second trip to Ogden was last night.  We went down to the Mission Home for a Sisters sleepover.  It was a really fun night!  We played the Yes or No game where you have to figure out what you are and I played some Uno.

Thursday night after dinner, we received a text from our ZL's telling us to get inside for the night because of the weather.  Our Mission President decided because of all the snow and cold, we had better stay in for the night. Who knew you could have a snow night on the mission?  It was a little hard for me because I wanted to go out and work!  This was the same day we went to fix the phone so we hadn't really worked much that day.  But we read our scriptures and it was a nice night.

This week was kind of hard.  The Monzons returned to Guatemala.  It was hard to say good bye!  You are supposed to baptize people and then see them at church and stuff!  But they are in Guatemala.  We had a really good last night with them though.  They had printed pictures of the 4 of us standing in front of the baptismal font and given me and Hna. Marcum a framed picture.  They said they were going to print one for themselves and hang it in their house.  

I am so grateful for them!  I really miss them though.  It was amazing to see how much they cared for us.  They were always thanking us for teaching them and helping them find the truth.  And while I was there every step of the way, I don't really feel like I did much/anything.  It was the Holy Ghost.   I was just there to bring the Holy Ghost in.  The Monzons were so prepared, it really wasn't me who did anything.  But I'm grateful for the experience and for their friendship.

Another cool thing that occurred this week was that our Spanish Branch put on a Plan of Salvation activity. We had different rooms decorated in the Chapel representing the major phases in the Plan of Salvation. We started with the pre-mortal life, went on and talked about Christ's life on the earth and then we gave everyone a plane ticket to Cancun Mexico. During the flight the plane crashed and everyone "died." We then went through the world of spirits and all the kingdoms of glory explaining the blessings of each. It was a great activity and I think those that came for the tour and those that participated really enjoyed the experience.

This week we had a missionary meeting with all the auxiliary leaders in the branch.  Me and Hna. Marcum want to improve our relationship with the members and I came up with a good idea that we are going to use.  We are going to invite every member in the ward 12 and up to pray for a missionary experience and give a pamphlet, pass-along-card, Book of Mormon or whatever away.  We are also going to ask the ward each week to start each class with time for people to share missionary experiences they have had.  We are going to make it clear that every person should take something and that we as missionaries will always have these things available to members who want to share the gospel.  I hope people take the challenge.  I invite all of you to do the same.  Pray for missionary experiences and think of something you can give away.

We had a lesson with someone we ran into during the Holidays and told us he would meet with us after the Holidays.  He told us we would have to meet him at his office and we thought it was because his wife wouldnt approve, but she works at his office too.  So thinking we had found one person to teach and it turning to 2 was a happy surprise!  We taught the restoration and it went well.  I don't think they completely understand.  They think our message is interesting and I feel like they just want to learn, not act.  Hopefully that will change.  They definitely have potential.  They are SO NICE!

I love you all, and hope all is well.

Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen

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