Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going English

Maylee, our soon to be recent convert from the Marshal Islands.  She is on my right.  Also notice the flower and necklace she gave me.
 The Rayon/Mendoza family
 Jenny is holding the baby.
 Pictures of the ice.  Can you see all the ice?
Sis. Marcum and I with Adella and her husband.
Me and Hermana Maya.  She is from Michocan Mexico.  We have jokes that we are from the same puebla (town).
My Ogden Zone for a week.

Hola Familia y Amigos,

I hope everyone is doing well.  I sure I am.  This week I am going to start off with the big news.  We had transfer breakfast this morning, and I am going to be transferred to the English Program.  I was a little disappointed and worried that I am going to lose my Spanish, but like always I cannot shake the feeling that I am in God's hands and the only thing that really matters is that I can preach the Gospel.

A plus to this is that I can focus on my teaching skills and really improve those, then work on my Spanish when I am in Spain.  And it probably won't be a long change.  My visa is projected to come this week.  But then again, it was supposed to come before the New Year.  Who knows.  But who cares?  God is in charge and I will accept that.

But thank you all for the prayers and support.  I have really felt lifted up this week.  I haven't always felt great, there have been many times where I have wanted to not care, and not work.  Where I have wondered why things are happening this way, and when will all these issues be resolved.  It is an up and down emotional experience.  So much of me wants to stay here the rest of my mission, yet my heart yearns for Spain as well.  que cosas (what things...just a filler expression...).  But, my ability to handle my situation so well is not from me.  I know that it is a blessing from God.  Because, I would not have the strength to carry on and work hard without His help.  If He wasn't helping me, I would be a mess.  It is a true tender mercy and I can take no credit for it.

This week has been crazy.  But crazy awesome!  It started with some rain, that quickly froze and covered the whole city in a treacherous layer of ice.  Some of the walking missionaries took bets on who would fall the least.  I think an elder that fell 4 times won.  I was grateful for a car.  I never fell, but had some dang close calls.  The week ended with about another 5 inches of snow.  In between the rain and the snow, I have met some amazing people, taught some great lessons, and really learned that the Lord is on my side, and I can work hard and happily, wherever I am placed.  

I have felt really confident and able this week.  Although I did not know any of the people or what Hnas. Kreutzer and Maya worked like, I was contributing ideas and suggesting people we could visit, something I had a hard time doing even after 4 months in Logan.  I don't know where the change came from, and I still have many more improvements to make, but I seem to have found my confidence.  I know that with the Lord anything is possible.  I have really enjoyed serving with Hnas. Kreutzer and Maya.  They are excellent missionaries and I got along really well with them.

As of tomorrow, I will be serving with Sisters Wright and McMillan.  They will be companions 8 and 9!  Who wants to take a guess as to how many companions I will have on my mission?  Also, Febuary 1st will be my 6 month mark! What? Where did that come from?  I don't know, but it has been a great 6 months.  I am ready for another 12!  woot woot!  Bring it on.  hehe.  If I am still here, maybe I will burn something small.  Some sisters do that. And then they burn a skirt at their year mark.

I love you all, and I am doing great.  Advice for the week: take your problems to the Lord through prayer.  Access the atonement.  It can help you with ANYTHING.

Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen

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