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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hola Familia y amigos,

What a week. First off, I am ending my mission in Barrio 1!!! I am beyond excited about this.  It is the area where I have come to love the most people and it is going to be so hard to leave.  I love it so much here, in the mission, in Spain, and in Barrio 1.  Following is my letter to president this week:

I am very happy to be ending the mission in Barrio 1. I love it here so much! This transfer I have set some personal goals. I want to finish El Libro de Mormon, study more Preach My Gospel, focus on extending and following up on strong, thought out compromisos. Also, even though it is my last transfer I want to endure to the end. i want to work hard and be happy. It is so easy to be sad because it is ending and the last thing I want to do is go home. But I am making the choice and the goal to be happy. To be happy because I am still here. And I can still do work. Also, I am super shy and timid and I want to change that. I have the hardest time talking to people. I thought the mission would change that, but I still struggle. I realized that the mission can change that, but I have to set it as a goal rather than think it will just happen as I be a missionary.

This week has been a week full of MIRACLES. I know I talk about miracles a lot, but they are just always visible when you look. That is one thing I have learned from the mission.

We are visiting a less active family and they are starting to come back. The mom has now gone 3 weeks in a row. This past Sunday, the mom dad and one of the 3 boys came. But the real miracle is the lesson we had with them, just a few days before. We don´t really know why they are less active and have a hard time knowing how to help them. So we decided to read the Living Christ. We have had really good experiences reading it ourselves and in other lessons, so we thought maybe it could help this family. After reading it, we bore powerful testimony of Christ. Then we asked them to share their experiences. Hermana bore such a powerful testimony of who Christ is for her, and she just starts crying. The Spirit that entered the room! We ended the lesson singing I Know that My Redeemer Lives at her request. She starts crying even harder! The Spirit was so strong. Even though we don´t know exactly what this family needs, through the Spirit we are able to help them!

This week with the new year and día de los reyes it has been hard to get lessons, but the ones that we have had have been amazing. We are finding people and I believe them to be prepared for the Gospel! It is such an exciting time to be a missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ. 
Día de los reyes is a day celebrated for the 3 wise men.  It is, for many, bigger than Christmas.  Today is el Día de los reyes so we will see lots of celebrating today and we heard a lot last night.
I know this gospel is real and true. It has changed my life. It has converted me. I am converted to this gospel. More and more every day. And now I am working so that others can do the same. The Atonement is real! Jesus Christ suffered for everything I have experienced. With my faith in Him, I can do anything. I can change. I can progress. I can become who He wants me to be. I have realized that as I keep going and persevere I can change and reach my potential. I can become like Him. This gospel is true, and I love the peace that it brings to my life.

This week, we also passed by to visit our 12 year old less active.  We always pass by to visit because we have no way of calling him, but when we passed by this week he showed us his new phone so now we can call him and plan things and we can get the Young Men more involved is they have his number. It was small, but a huge tender mercy for us!

We had one of the FUNNIEST experiences of my mission this week.  A few weeks ago, we had talked to a man and he told us he met with testigos (Jehovas Whitnesses) but that we could come back.  We went back, and his son was home, but not him.  His son, was also in the middle of a lesson with the testigos.  It was sooooo awkward but sooooo funny!  We interrupted a lesson the testigos were giving.  They were super nice, and we talked a bit but they recognized us and asked if we were mormons and it was just really awkward.

Our recent convert got a calling.  It happened last sunday, but I don´t think I mentioned it...Anywho, Dantel is secretay in the Young Mens!

Also, yesterday was the 1 year mark for my Recent Converts in Guatemala. By preach my Gospel standards, they are no longer recent converts.  And they can go to the temple!  I know they are working on it, but they have not yet told me when they are going.

Once again, I forgot my camera cord.  oops!  Super sorry!  I will try really hard to remember next week.

Con amor,
Hermana Olsen  

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