Monday, May 6, 2013

Week one of a new transfer

Hola familia y amigos,

All is well in Pavones, Spain.  I LOVE the mission and everything about my life!  How could I not--I am a missionary and representative of my Lord Jesus Christ.  This week has not been as exciting or busy as others, but we did split our area.  And I have still felt the Lord working through me and making me the person I need to be.  That is all I want.  I dont need X numbers in any category.  I just need to do my best and feel my relationship growing closer to Him.  I just need to understand and apply the atonement more fully to my life. I can and am doing that EVERY day.

MOM, I got your package!  ADORABLE!  I loved every part of it.  Especially the fudge and the lindor truffles.  You are too funny!   Everyone in my Piso thought it was super cute too!  [I sent her a “half way” package with ½ 3-Musketeer bar, ½ bag of cheese-its, lindor truffles cut in half, ½ a sign, etc.]

Aunt Jennifer, I got your easter package (forever ago) but THANKS!  I love the tic-tacs!

For all to know, I have officially hit 9 months, but do not hit my halfway mark until May 10th!  But my 9 month mark was a sad day.  I just dont want this to end!  EVER!  It is too amazing.  But I have been trying harder to make the most of it.  Slowly  I learn how to work the way I want to and how to be the missionary God wants me to be (are we noticing a pattern here?  I have learned so much about how God is making me who I am meant to be!)  I LOVE the mission and everything about it!  I cannot say it enough.

This week has been good. I get along well with Hna. Munden.  She is a hard worker, really loving, and really fun.

The best part of this week has been singing.  We have a huge park with trees and whatever in our area (kind of like central park or something) and there are 4 of us Hnas. in the area so we have a lot of fun going to the park (which is always crowded) and singing.  We have found a lot this way!  And even people that dont want to listen to our message can at least be uplifted by our spiritual music.

We go singing almost every other night.  I would like to share some experiences and my feelings about singing in the park.  I always feel the spirit when I sing. SO strongly.  It is such a great way to share the gospel.  It brings me such joy to share it in such a beautiful manner.  And it makes it so easy to talk to people.  It brings the people to us! I just feel such joy and peace singing my beliefs.  I KNOW this gospel is true! 

It is amazing to watch how many people will stop and listen.  And I cant tell you how many people have taken our picture or filmed us.  I have talked to some really amazing people that have stopped to listen to us.  We talked to a guy from England and he did not want to learn more, but he said he would think more highly of Mormons and that we changed his opinion of us.  That was cool.

We also had quite the conversation with an anti-mormon.  He went on and on about God being dead, mitt romney and cult.  But I was on a spiritual high.  Mostly we just talk to really nice people.  Another thing I have noticed is that SO many CHILDREN stop to watch or listen.  Like 2 year olds, and babies.  I really think it is because they were just with our Heavenly Father and they feel that it is something familiar to them.  It is super cool though!

Things are going well with our investigators.  They are developing testimonies.  Our biggest struggle is that they do not come to church.  Please pray that they can have the desire and the means to come!  That would help a LOT!

Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen

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