Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is crazy!

London's tower bridge (dad´s mission)

Dutch windmills (mom´s mission)
And it was all in Spain (my mission!)
The Eiffel tower

Hola Familia y Amigos.

What a great week!  First off, Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!  Second, thank you to Mom, Pres. Medley, Sis. Mlynar, and KATE!!!!!! for sending me letters!  It was so great to hear from everyone!  I don´t have my Piso address with me, but I can send that out next week.

This week has been really good.  We have 6 investigators, but I don´t know if all of them are really interested.  Apparently it is a thing here for men to like to talk to women, just to talk to them.  But we will get to that later.  

We are teaching Paulino from Peru. He really wants to learn English so we teach him a little English and then we share our message with him.  He wants to go to church if we can find him a ride and he told us last night he will get baptized if he knows it is true.  He was already baptized and doesn´t want to be baptized again unless he KNOWS because he doesn´t want to feel like he is playing with God and taking things lightly.  I have full faith in him though.

Julian is our other investigator with the most potential.  He has also accepted to be baptized when he knows that it is true.  We have our 2nd appointment with him tonight, hopefully we can give him an actual date.  He was found by the other sisters as they sang in the street.  He is Cuban and he said the music reminded him of his church in Cuba.  He works on Sunday, but hopefully he can get it off to come to church!  He has so much potential!

Dayana we have only had one lesson with and we really just shared a scripture, so we don´t know much about her, but she seemed interested.

Floria is from Bulgaria but has lived here a while.  She had a baptism date but things happened and it fell through.  She told us though that she believes the Book of Mormon is true.

Paco is an older gentleman that we haven´t actually taught yet.  He took us out to a cafe and talked to us for 40 minutes about his life.  He might not be interested in our message--just a lonely man looking for someone to talk to.  But if we can teach, I think we can help him want to learn more.

Osvaldo is interesting.  We taught him the Restoration and he accepted to be baptized on March 16th.  But I don´t know if he is sincere.  Many times during the lesson he would interrupt and call us guapa (beautiful) especially my companion.  He would shake our hands and beso (kiss) my companion´s hand.  At the end of the lesson, he walked us back to the metro and tried to full on kiss my companion.  That was really awkward, but we both had a good laugh about it.  We were waiting for the metro and I said, ¨That was so funny I´m going to pee my pants...oh wait....I'm not wearing pants!¨  

The bad thing is, I made a return appointment for our next lesson.  Before I knew he was going to try and kiss her.  But we don´t know if he is really interested in the Gospel or just 2 young guapa girls.  He is 32.  But he said he was going to come to church.  SO, if he comes to church, we are going to consider that he is serious about learning about the gospel and try to get elders to teach him.  If he doesn´t come to church, we will probably drop him.  

I am getting better at contacting.  I can do it now.  It takes me a while to work up the nerves, but I am talking to more people than before.  poco a poco (little by little).  Other than contacting, and when we don´t have lessons to teach, we will try to visit less actives, or we are trying to find some old investigators to see if they are ready to maybe learn again.  That is actually how we found Dayana.  She is the sister of Adora someone who was meeting with the missionaries a few months ago.  So technically we are trying to teach Adora as well.  

Our area is pretty big.  Sometimes we have to travel 30 minutes from one place to the next.

Today, we went to Parque Europa. It is a really fun park with all these monuments of famous sitios (places) in Europe.  We got to see the Eiffel tower and London Bridge, and more.  I will attach pictures.  We have 2 lessons tonight as well.

Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen

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