Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 7

Smelling the "creme soda" tree.

Hola Todos, [Hello all]

Como estan?  [How are you?] I love Spanish!  hehe.  I am in a really good mood.  i have had a great week, and I am beyond excited that I was able to send pictures home.  Hopefully you all get to see them!  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the card, i loved it.  THanks mom for all the letters and package. THanks to Kate, Sarah, Preston, Jeff, Lori/Troy, and Linda for the letters!  i love hearing from everyone!  Dearelder works great and it is free!

This week has just been fantastic!  First off, our zone is so close it is incredible.  Every day at gym we get a big group and play four square.  We have so many inside jokes and it is just great to bond over 4 squares and a yellow bouncy ball.

Teaching Daniel this week has been FANTASTIC.  HE is so prepared for the gospel whatever we throw at him or whatever happens he is like okay, i want to be baptized.  We taught him this week and he told us that his girlfriend was ready to marry him until she found out about his talking to us and his desire to be baptized. She gave him an ultimatum: her or the Church.  While telling us this, daniel was on the verge of tears because he loves this girl, but he chose to still want to be baptized!  I was so happy for him but so sad because he has such a hard life and doesn't deserve any of this.  I am really learning to love people!  I was able to testify that he had found something so good and true and that sometimes satan liked to tempt people who had found the truth.  I think that helped him. 

THis week we also got to teach Esmerelda.  Our teacher Hna. Camacho pretended to be a 7 year old and we had to teach her.  It was an exercise to help us learn how to teach simply and how to involve our investigators.  We made a game board of the plan of salvation and had her jump from place to place as we explained it.  At the end we had the 3 kingdoms of glory and we put skittles on all of them.  THe celestial kingdom had TONS of skittles and less for the other 2 according to their glory.  We asked Esmeralda which one she wanted and of course she said celestial.  This helped us teach the importance of living a righteous life and the blessings we can receive.  THen we helped her pray and told her she could pray by herself whenever she wanted to.

Kate, you asked me what church was like and i thought I should describe it for all.  We have relief society every sunday except fast sunday.  Only for our relief society we have someone come and speak to us.  Usually a member of the General YW, RS, or Primary presidency.  We can talk with them afterwards too.  IT is GREAT.  On fast sunday we have a special mission conference.  We never have sunday school but we have district meetings where one or 2 companionships are assinged a topic to teach so that is kind of like sunday school.  We have sacrament meeting every sunday and that is pretty normal to any other ward.  2 missionaries are randomly selected to give a talk in Spanish for 3-5 minutes.  We all write a talk cada semana (every week) and find out IN SACRAMENT if we will be talking or not.  The sacrament prayers are said in Spanish as are all the hymns.  After the 2 missionaries speak in spanish a member of our branch presideny and his wife will speak (in English).  ON fast Sundays it is just testimony and you can bear in Spanish or English.  But I always bear in Spanish.

Some cool things:
  •          We got to watch the Testaments in Spanish.  I understood most of it without subtitles and it is so much better than English!  Much more passion!  
  •          I am getting less nervous to teach.  i think i am trusting the spirit more and having more faith!
  •          I am trying to memorize one scripture in Spanish every day!  It is fun.  I started with D&C 6:36.  It made me think if all Kate and Kaylie.  Love you guys!

Our room had a solo sister, Hna Crumpton.  Well, now there is a sister who moved from beginner to intermediate so Hna. Crumpton has a companion and we have a new roommate. Hna Vanhalden or something.  Her name is norwegian!  We also got a new district in our zone on Wed.  They are all advanced and there are 3 hermanas.  One is going to Madrid!  she is super awesome.

Okay, story of the week.  Visas to spain are CRAZY.  So on Friday an elder in my district was called to the traveling office to get his visa!  HE was so excited.  Then he found out that the rest of the visas should be coming in a month or 2.  So mine might come right on time or i might get reassigned for a few weeks.  worst case scenario i could be extended and stay in the MTC longer.  I kind of hope not but i have a continual feeling of peace knowing it is in the Lord's hands.  so a few days later, the day before he was supposed to leave, he went to talk with the Spain Consolate and it turns out the MTC messed up.  The visa was for Elder Jack Shumway not Spencer Shumway.  Both going to Spain.  What are the odds!  It was really sad for our elder.  So i don't know if that will change the information about the visas coming in a month or 2.  I don't think it will.  i hope to get it soon, but we shall see!

Con Amor,
Hermana Olsen

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