Friday, August 10, 2012

The church is true guys!

Hola Friends and Family,

Thanks to Kristen, Sydney, Mom, Jeff Sherwood, Sarah, Keith, Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Jennifer, and Kaylie for the letters.  Also a special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the cupcakes and to Mom for the cupcakes.  DELICIOUS!

Things continue to go well here in the MTC.  I am learning so much and the spirit is so strong. 

SUNDAY: We had a lot of church meetings and meetings with our district (group of missionaries that we spend all our time with).  During Testimony Meeting, because it was fast sunday, I bore my SPANISH!!!!  We were allowed to give our testimonies in English, but I made a promise to God that I would do my best to speak Spanish.  It went well on Sunday.  But most days, I will be honest--I speak way more English than Spanish.  I'm working on it! 

Sunday night we got to watch the Church movie Legacy about the early saints crossing the plains.  Normaly this movie makes me mad at all the people who gave the saints such a hard time.  But on Sunday it just made me think, why would people allow themselves to suffer so much for a church that was not true?  Also when I was fasting I decided to fast for my investigator Lesme.  That was when I made the promise to do all that I could to feel the spirit and be a good missionary.  That was why I bore my testimony in Spanish.  For Lesme. Why would i go out of my comfort zone, (i don't like bareing my testimony in english) and care so much about a fake investigator if the church was not true!  I wouldn't!  The church is true guys! 

During one of our monday meetings we also heard a story about a missionary who knew his mom (who had died when he was 9) was present as he bore his testimony for the first time in the field.  When that story was told, I felt this calm feeling and I KNEW that Grandma Olsen might not be present, but she knows I am on a mission and she is proud of me.

MON: i met a girl going to my mission.

TUES:  We did service cleaning some bedrooms. we had a devotional. Rumor was that elder Bednar was speaking but it wasn't him.

WED: Me & hermana greenwood wanted to buy little cards that have all the English Hymn #'s and the spanish equivalent.  We were going to use our mtc id cards but they only take cash.  Tender mercy:  Someone early that day had paid too much and left the change so we got them for free. 

This week we have been teaching Lesme a lot about prayer and trying to get her to pray.  She never would because she was angry at God for letting her Mom die and she was never able to see her mom before she died.  We talked about the Lord’s plan and his timeline and faith to pray but it wasn't until we shared a personal experience and told her possible answers to her prayer that she prayed. But on WEd. she said a prayer for us and it was AWESOME!  To see someone progress and decide to come unto Christ is an incredible experience.  THe spirit guided me so much because i thought i knew what she needed to hear but it wasn't until i said what the spirit told me to, that she opened up and prayed.

THURS:  Best part of thursday was our last lesson with Lesme.  We committed her to be baptized and she said she definitely was not ready but could see it happening someday.  Good enough for me.  this was only my first investigator!

TODAY:  We woke up at  6!  we had to get up early because we had to be at the temple at 6:30!  We got to do a session and then we got to go to the temple cafeteria!  best food ever, and good prices!  I had a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream (the worker put the whipped cream on in the shape of a smiley face!) sausage and hashbrowns.  best breakfast ever!  Now we have free time until dinner.

FUNNIES:  Our teacher told us a story of a sister missionary who was asked to speak in church but didn't want to because she was nervous and scared to speak in spanish.  So she got up to stand and give her talk.  And she said, Estoy emberasada (I am pregnant) and it is all the bishops fault!  HE was the one who asked her to speak. But the congregation freaked out!  Women were crying wondering why their bishop (like a minister or pastor) would do such a thing!

A fun joke that our class likes "me llave es aqui"  llave means key and the phrase sounds like "me llave is a key"

Last letter, i said you could write for free but did not is a website that allows anyone to write missinaries for free.  All you need is my box #336 and my mission code: SPA-MAD.  i would love to hear from you!!!!!

Hermana Olsen

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